Sunday, August 31, 2008

6wk 3d - First Belly Touch

Ok, seriously?! First belly touch this morning at church. And I felt like I jumped back 5 feet once I realized what she was doing. Like I was in the Matrix, and time moved in pixels.

This woman, she's highly functioning but still mentally needy. She lives with her son, who is our age, so she's about the age of my mom. And we sit by her each week, because she doesn't have a lot of friends, and she's just kind of become attached to me. Anyway, I know that her mental illness causes her to have absolutely zero boundaries or filters. She'll do anything or say anything. To anyone. Even in a group. And it can be totally awkward. But other than a hug, she's never touched me before.

I am just 6 weeks along. I'm not showing. I'm just chubby. There's nothing to touch! Except fat rolls. And obviously I don't want anyone to touch my fat rolls.

I hope I didn't hurt her feelings, but I also hope she got the message that all belly touching is off limits from now on!

1 comment:

Jill said...

Totally acceptable response! It doesn't sound like she meant any harm, however your belly is not open to the public for touching!