Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I have so much to be thankful for every single day. I have a great job. A beautiful home. A generous and loving husband who is also handsome and smart and funny. And more importantly, a wonderful father to the best boys a girl could have. I am laying in bed watching a Law & Order rerun while the boys watch Dinosaur Train. I'm a bit dizzy from the pain meds....because I had my boobs removed on Monday.

Well. Not technically removed. But it feels like it. I mean, I've been large chested since junior high and so to have nipples that are smaller than a dinner plate, and that point out and not down is just going to take me awhile to get used to. And the size, oh, the size. That may be the biggest adjustment of them all, because when the nurse in the hospital asked me what I thought of my post-op bra, all I could think is that it looked empty. I've never had an empty bra before. So, I'm having a big of post-operative remorse, but I'm sure I'll be pleased as punch in 6 months or so. Seriously, I could buy training bras at Justice now. Although they tell me I'm a 'C' I guess I had no idea how small that would be.

I'm trying to wein myself off the pain meds. I'm down to half a pill every 6 hours. But this afternoon I plan to move on to plain old Tylenol. These narcotics make me so sleepy! Which is fine at night, because I have to sleep sitting up for two weeks and so can use the help. But not fun during the day when I can't even finish a commercial without snoozing.

My DH and I prepared Thanksgiving dinner which is in the oven right now, and on the stove, and in the fridge. It seriously took like 20 minutes to get everything prepapred. I don't get what the big deal is....but then again, I'm only cooking for 4. I was definitely motivated by my grandmother's mashed potatoes. If that's all I eat today, I will be just fine.

My brother and his family will be here for a few hours tomorrow. I'm excited for my boys to get to play with their cousins. And I'm excited for my me to see my family for a little while. They've never been to any of our homes. In all these years. So, it means a lot that they're coming over while they're in town visiting my SIL's brother's in-laws.

I don't really have anything else going on. No word on whether or not we'll be moving to KC. Should know in the next few weeks, I suppose. Will be interesting to go back to work and try to function when I can't lift my arms above my head. And hoping that no one will notice that I am now completely flat chested. I'll be fine. Really, I will. But I can't lie to you. It's really flat. And although I wanted this, and I still think I want it, I've already teased my husband that next I'm getting implants! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

About That....

About that post I wrote a week or so ago where I drove everyone nuts worrying about all the "what ifs" surround my boss possibly moving to Colorado and me not being able to go with him????

Well.....they offered him a chance on Friday and he turned them down.

And they immediately offered me a chance to go to Missouri for another job.

That's right. The owner of my company flew down to have lunch with my boss, and then with me, to let us throw our hats in the ring for promotions.

The owner and VP of Ops are acting like I'm already in Kansas City. The VP actually asked me who I was going to tell on my current which I said, I thought I would wait until they actually made an offer.

It's all very complex and a lot of dominoes are involved, and yes, the VP and owner would pick me. That was plan 18 months ago when I accepted this job - that it would be good training ground to go run our company in KC. And I remember the owner saying the exact words that helped me decide to take the job ... "I don't think 3 years would be too long to train before running KC." But there is another interested party, who already lives there, who is very good, and who is just as likely to get the job. The job starts 1/1/13. We would need to sell the house we just bought 6 months ago, which would cost us a fortune. But my boss tells me "if you get the chance, you'd better take it." I assume the money we lose on the house would be regained the first year in salary alone.

They will continue these flights around to the various divisions for the next few weeks, and hope to have a plan in place by January. So, for now, they know I'm interested. And my boss knows its a possiblity that I'll go. And we wait. Lucky for me, my backup plan should they not offer me the job is pretty stellar. I get to stay here with my wonderful boss, job, home, and life in Texas. Its win-win.

So, the VP job goes to one of two people. If A. takes that job, then S. takes A's job. And I could have S's job. If A does not take the VP job, then S takes the VP job, and I could still have S's job.
Or they could give it to T.

I'm trying not to think about it. 15 days from now I'm getting my breast reduction. And then my family will be here for Thanksgiving. We'll go to Kansas for Christmas, Indiana for New Year's. Its a busy few months.

And after that, everything will be normal or everything will be completely different.

Wish us luck!