Friday, August 15, 2008

Emotional Wreck

Second beta this morning - 612. Which appears to be good. So, I go back for my next one next Friday. I don't care how many babies we get as long as they're healthy, but because we put in two embryos, people are apparently dying to know how many we've got cookin. My guess is one.

But because I find it so fascinating when other people do this. Here's a pic:

Also, the drama of the other woman at work was so emotional for me that I had to leave mid-afternoon.
The meeting went well. And I kept my cool and was mature. She (being older and bitchier) attacked me several times, but I refused to stoop to her level. I explained how she had been misinformed or misinterpreted my actions. She made me tear up, which just pisses me off, because I was composed. If it wasn't for the darn hormones, I think I would have been fine. Seriously?! An article in People made me cry earlier today. So, its gotta be the pregnancy effect.
But anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, my boss was never mad at me. We agree that I should not take it personal, because this woman assumes the worst of everyone. And the b*tch apologized for not coming to me and dragging my boss into it. And I put her in her place about 100 times by just explaining the facts, not even mentioning the 10 things I hate about her. And every time I think about it the f word starts flying out of my mouth and/or I start crying, so I had to leave work so I could stop thinking about her and the situation.
Point being: I rock. And everything she accused me of was not based on facts, but on her making inferences from things I did say from which she read statements that were never implied. But I couldn't get past it today, even though I was right and came out of the whole deal smelling like roses, because I am an emotional wreck. Little Mommy as my boss is now calling me, does not like conflict with co-workers and does not like feeling attacked or having to defend herself for doing a kick a** job. So, I decided it would be more productive for me to work from home.
I came home, read the magazine Pregnancy which I had picked up at the grocery store at lunch and cost me $6 and is totally worthless, don't waste your money! And then I read the new People cover to cover which would be a bargain at twice the price. And after I finish this post, I am going to do some testing of a new report the IT department has written. I just had to have a nice transition to ease my emotions back to normal.

p.s. DB = douche bag. Yes, I know, I'm a real class act. But I can't help it. The name SO fits.


Tiffi33 said...

drama Llamas are real is basically what you are
Yeah, we all have them somewhere in our worlds..
good for you for rising above her!

and congrats on the good numbers!!!
my fingers are crossed for you!!

and DAMN I cannot believe that I guess wrong..douche bag...that one was so obvious! *smacks self in forehead*
you go on w/ your bad self ;)

Jill said...

Congrats on your great beta!!

PJ said...

Oh my gosh! YAY!!!!

I've been so out of the loop, I didn't even know!

Congrats! :)