Monday, July 30, 2012

Purgatory Funk

So, we are moving to KC in about 49 days.  About. Ha! 

DH and I are in a funk.  Not with each other.  But with our life.  We are just in a holding pattern once again.  Seriously, life is just one big game of hurry up and wait. Am I right? 

We sold our house in 4 days.  Moved into this apartment.  We have 49 days left in this apartment.  A few weeks ago I went to KC by myself and found a house that we're buying, and although it costs more than our house here in Dallas, the payments will actually be similar because interest rates are so stinking low right now.  Although if I think about our old house, I could cry real tears, I am happy with our new house.  The styles are so different between here and there so its hard to compare. 

Big plus: daycare is like so much cheaper in KC.  Downside: we don't pay state income tax here, but we will in KC.  Everything is a double edged sword.

But I digress.

We are in a funk because in the beginning of the summer we had this bucket list of things we wanted to do and see before we move.  But now we really have done most or all of those items and we're just ready to move into the new house.  Actually, finding the new house was probably our demise because now we can picture ourselves there.  And so we're so over our life here in Dallas, which is probably exasperbated by the apartment life.

So, anyway, we're so over it.  So. So. So. So. over it.  So, although I still love my job here and the people I work with, DH is negative and crabby about it all.  I just want to drink beer or wine and eat carbs.  Self medicating.   49 days and counting.....{big sigh}

The boys are great.  Jack finally overcame his whole crying when I dropped him off at school routine.  But he still cannot get past the whole pooping in the potty deal.  I need to call their new school in KC and make sure they don't need to be completely potty trained before they start there.  They say the cutest things, they know so much. I mean, they know what pollution is.  WTF?  They should probably take the mensa test now, right?!

I'm a little nervous about my DH's new career in KC.  He's going to be taking the exams to be a licensed commercial realtor.  Which means we've set our budget to live off my income plus savings.  We have enough to get us by for about 2 years.  Even the worst realtor in the world can land a commission in two years, right?!  I mean, I think we've planned conservatively.  And in two years, the boys won't have daycare, they'll be a part of the public school system (thank you, taxpayers!) so we won't even need his income. 

So, I've basically rambled to you about everything that's been on my mind in the past few days.  Definitely ready for my life to move forward.  In the meantime, the diet is in the trash can and we're still trying to make every day happy for the dudes.  This weekend, we're headed to the circus!  Will is going to be so excited!

And to reward you for reading through this whining, here's a pic of our family vaca to Sea World in June.  If only there was such a fun place between here and KC we could visit while waiting for our furniture to be delivered by the movers in 49 days!