Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Denial? What Denial?

Ok, so denial is a thing of the past. For the following reasons:

  1. Beta this morning: 300. Anything over 60 would have been fine. Nurse M says when she calls, How pregnant do you want to be? I go back for another beta this Friday, and again next Friday. U/S will be sometime the week of August 25th where we will see how many are in there, and hopefully some strong, healthy heartbeats. Holy crap! Heartbeats?!
  2. Told everyone at work today after confirmed beta. I took an index card and taped one poppy seed to it. I then gathered everyone around and asked them if they could all see, and when they said yes, I told them that was how big my baby is right now! After all the gushing died down, I whipped out a second index card with two poppy seeds, and said, Or maybe this.... Lots of hugs and lots of congratulations. It was a good day to be me!
  3. Once the word hit, the internet and phone lines were burning up. I know that my productivity was at an all time low today, but apparently, all my friends in the divisions around the company who have been rooting for us, were also less productive b/c of our beta. Like the world stood still for our little embies!
  4. Had lunch to celebrate with BFF here in town, S. Which made my day SO special! We chatted about breast feeding, boppies, and daycare recommendations. I seriously WAS in denial and have not even started to consider all the choices we will need to make. I'm not rushing it either, no sense in getting too ahead of ourselves, but it was fun to connect with someone about pregnancy instead of IF for a change!
  5. Morning Sickness. Apparently, I can get thru the morning without puking (so far) but today I delightfully chose not to eat any crackers to see just how bad it would get. That may sound sick and wrong, but I want so desperately to confirm this pregnancy, that I actually wanted to feel the sickness. Now that we've checked that off the list, I'm pretty sure I'll try crackers before I leave the house. I have zero desire to vomit in the trash can in my office. Although I do admit it, I like having a symptom, something that confirms that there is a little poppy seed in there!
  6. I teared up twice today. a) while watching some Tivo'd George Lopez on CBS Sunday Morning and hearing his wife tear up about giving him her kidney; and b) driving out of the RE's parking lot after my blood draw. I think the second one was just feeling overwhelmed that this is real.

So, its official, we're pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sweetpea said...

Congratulations!!! That is truly wonderful and I'm so happy you got to experience that darn illusive BFP. : )

Faithful Infertile said...

Congrats!!! I'm super excited for you! Can't wait to hear your second beta results! :D

Blue said...

Wow - awesome numbers! I think I'm going to bet on the two poppy seeds rather than just the one! Congrats - enjoy the celebrations :-)

seriously? said...

I was thinking about you on vacation. I am so happy for you. Congratulations on your BFP!