Friday, August 8, 2008

Distract Me @ 4dp5dt Dot Com

Here's a list of what I've been doing so far during the dreaded 2ww:

Good Choices
  1. Praying first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and sometimes in between.
  2. Preparing for a DOT audit at work only to be reminded, sadly and thoroughly, that our divisions we say....laxidasical when it comes to compliance.
  3. Adding Regis & Kelly to my Tivo and watching it religiously each night. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I <3>
  4. Volunteering for events at church, even though they're on weeknights or will require me to be at church BEFORE the early service. BCD anyone?
  5. Getting movitated enough to scrapbook again. I have ordered photos, and even finished one layout for my parents' scrapbook from our family vacation back in May. Now I've only got about a year to catch up in my own book!
  6. Making plans with friends for this weekend to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II which BFF S is calling simply "the pants"
  7. NOT POAS!!!!! I'm hoping to hold out til Monday. What do you recommend?

Not So Good Choices

  1. Stalking IF blogs and message boards for ER & fertilization reports, but especially 2ww symptoms. And my favorite part of this - looking to see if that person was BFP or BFN and going back to see which symptoms were for real.
  2. Obsessing about every little symptom/non-symptom I've got. It goes a little something like this:

Am I constipated? Oh no, maybe I have diarrhea. Is that leg cramp a symptom or did I just pull a muscle rounding this corner? Do my boobs hurt from prometrium or the real deal? Why don't my boobs hurt every day? Why don' they hurt all over? Is that discoloration on the toilet paper or just urine? Does my back hurt because a) I'm PG, b) my boobs are so big and it can't take the pressure, c) I've been scrapbooking at the table instead of laying in bed, d) I damaged a nerve giving myself my PIO shot, or e) I really did hurt it, carrying DOT log books around at work? Why am I breaking out on my chest? Is this a normal cycle breakout, or a symptom? Why can't I remember this happening before? Is that cramping from implantation, menstruation, or constipation? Or do I just have gas?


sushilover said...

Hey thanks for dropping by my blog :) I hear where you're coming from sister. And may I remind you this madness does not stop when you finally do get pregnant. Unfortunately. My philosophy is cleaning and organizing. I've been through so many 2 week waits that my whole world is perfectly spic, span and organized. I think during the last 2 week wait, I spot cleaned the carpet in my car UNDER my floor mats. Hey it's not the best idea but it certainly provides a pleasant outcome if you were to ever look under there...not to mention takes your mind off things :) Hey you asked! I'll definitely check back to see how you are doing.

Duck said...

Hope all those signs/not signs are good signs of being pregnant. Hang in there!

Penny said...

Yea. the hamster wheeling is not likely to end. Douse yourself in movies or video games or whatever you can find to keep your mind off of things. Monday is only 48 hours away now.