Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I curse you - HOA!

Please do not read this post if you are offended by cursing. I got a little out of hand, and don't feel like masking my emotional outburst.

So, just a little venting, because what is an IF blog, if not snarky, right?!

A few weeks ago, my DH and I received a letter from our Homeowners Association (HOA) that the branches on one of our trees was obstructing the path for the community mowers, and could we please have it trimmed. DH and I discussed this, and he preferred to wait until the leaves fell off this fall, to make it less bulky. I thought to myself, yes, its August, and so the mowers will be done soon enough, so what's the rush at this point? I mean, really, its not like the branches popped out there overnight, they've been overgrown all summer. We did have a friend look at it to give us an idea of what it would cost, but were in no hurry.

In yesterday's mail we received our second notice from the dear president of our HOA saying there had been a burglary at one of our neighbors' houses, and oh, by the way, he noticed our tree still was not trimmed so if we didn't have it done by this Friday, that he'd hire someone to have it done and bill us, if not put a lien on our home.

Commence the cursing.


I would like to fucking cut down that GD tree and put all the fucking branches in this asshole's front yard. I would like to write him a letter, or better yet, call him on the phone and tell him we just had our house treated for termites, have twin sons, I just finished radiation for cancer, and my husband took a new job which meant a 30% reduction in pay. For Pete's sake, couldn't you give us a little more time?! Seriously, have you nothing better to do? ASSHOLE!!!

But then I read the covenants, which say they can do this for any repairs not made in 15 days, and so I know I'm in the wrong. DH and some of my guy friends from work will do it tonight, guy friend 1 is delighted because he loves to saw things; and guy friend 2 is happy to get the free fire wood. But I still fucking hate homeowner's associations. Seriously, fuck off! Why isn't he harrassing the lady who lets her dog run circles around her with no leash - did I mention its illegal in this town and her dog is a huge pit bull?

As a sidenote, I already hate this guy. Two summers ago when I was living in Houston, my husband built a deck on our home. One night, while I was gone, this same asshole approached DH in the front yard and told him he couldn't build that deck, because it hadn't been approved by the HOA and he approved all the architectural committee projects and so he knew it hadn't been approved. So, DH calls me in Houston, and I tell him exactly where the SIGNED AND APPROVED ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE FORM IS. The asshole in the yard did indeed sign that fucking form. If only I could have been there to see his face when my DH showed it to him. Fucking asshat.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

DH and I are watching Gangland that we had Tivo'd for weeks. Jack is sleeping in his swing. Will is entertaining himself with his voice in his baby gym. A typical night at A's home.

Jack is working on tooth #2, so its a blessing he's asleep. When he's awake, he seems mostly to be in pain. I broke down and gave him a dose of children's Tylenol. I don't want to be one of those parents who always drugs their kid for their own inconvenience (so they don't have to deal with fussing), and I also do not want to make my son suffer. Since he can't talk, this to me is a difficult line to walk. Will has no signs of teething for now.

I have an opportunity at work to move into a new position, maybe. Our business may be acquiring another business, in a city three hours closer to my family, in the next month or so. One of the VP's thinks I should take the job. I'm not sold. I like the idea of a better opportunity, moving closer to Iowa, and the potential to make more money. But we're kind of established here now, and I'm pretty secure in my current position. So, I'm flattered and flabergasted by his belief in me. And while I'm open to opportunity, I'm not sure this is the right opportunity. So, DH and I have been talking and dreaming about that this weekend. This other city has a higher cost of living, and where we would live vs where I would work would be a bigger commute, so I need to do some numbers and look at housing so I know what kind of base salary I would accept. Also, I'd kind of have to apply for this position, and I really think they should be chasing me. I guess if I don't want to put forth the effort to apply, then I already know what my heart is feeling, huh? But still, I got sweaty palms when the VP was sharing his enthusiasm with me. I was absolutely delighted!

Ok, Will's driving me nuts. I've been blocking it out, but now I need to go distract him so he perhaps will consider giving up the screech.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Single Mom

My DH is hiking in Colorado. I'm home alone with the boys. It was kind of nice to have them to myself yesterday and to nap when they napped instead of worrying about what we were all going to do as a family.

Well, I maybe should have looked closer at the calendar before I told DH he could take this trip. Because the boys had their 4-month shots today. And Jack is teething. That's right! My oldest son has erupted the tip of an iceberg that is apparently causing him great pain. Last night, he was up about once an hour, but would quickly fall back asleep with some rocking. Tonight, he was in so much pain! Even the baby Tylenol wasn't really helping soothe him. My poor little dude!

Tonight was the first night where I felt bad for my twins for being twins. Because I was so caught up in Jack's care, I didn't hardly have anything left for Will. And I felt weird making Will giggle over Jack's shoulder while I was trying to speak to Jack in soothing tones. Like I was this big fraud expressing my concern for Jack when I could summon a silly face for Will. It made me so sad for them both!

I'm still pretty tired from the lack of a thyroid. I'm looking forward to getting my blood test this coming Saturday and hopefully getting my dose increased. Today, I was so tired, it was like I was in a fog. I kept asking the people around me if I was making sense! If I'm dizzy again tomorrow, I'm going to move my appointment up. I'm ready for more energy.

And on that note, I'm off to bed. At 9:19pm. DH will be home this time tomorrow night. Yay!

Monday, August 3, 2009

One Year Later

Tomorrow it will be one year since we transferred our two little embabies.

It seems like all summer I've been thinking more and more about what a difference a year can make. I still can't get over how everything is the same, and yet how nothing could ever be the same again.

Both boys are rolling over now. They love to talk to us. Will laughs when I tickle him with a wet wipe under his chin - sometimes, but not always, and so he probably has the cleanest neck in the world because I'm always trying to get him to laugh. I am so amazed by my boys. They are so beautiful, so cute, so amazing to their mommy.

Little Will

Jack on his back

Jack rolling to his side

Jack *so proud* he rolled over!