Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 Things

Quick updates all around:

1 - Still seem pregnant. Still not quite nauseas. My nipples hurt at work today. My friend K (who has suffered recurrent miscarriages, and is about 9 weeks pg right now) and I like symptoms. They are reassurance that we are still doing well. So, the more sore the nipples or the more constipated we are, the better. We're sick. I know. My lunch did not sit well, so I had the opposite of consti this afternoon which was not fun. The whole 'relaxin' thing is amazing. How can something the size of a sesame seed wreak so much havoc? It's pretty powerful, that little baby of mine!

2 - Still giving myself injections in the bum. I had a real bleeder tonight, which kind of panicked me for a second, but DH was there with a bandage and some tape so hopefully I don't ruin yet another pair of panties! I 'think' this continues until week 10. So, that's like 5 weeks and 2 days to go!

3 - Second to last foster care class tonight. We scheduled our 'home study' for September 4th so we now have a deadline to motivate us to get the final items on our to-do list accomplished. I will miss our classmates. I think we've all really gotten along well and enjoyed each other during this journey. I will also miss them bringing food to my house on Tuesday nights!

4 - I love my sister for sending me the following message today:

BTW, G is SO excited about you being pregnant and COMPLETELY FASCINATED
with HOW you got preggo now that he knows about the birds and the bees!!!
R wants you to have a boy...with out a doubt...and if you have twins...he wants it
to be TWO boys. As for the rest of us...we're still living in the
moment...being thankful you are in the state that you are...PREGNANT!!!

I have mixed emotions about the whole her telling the kids about our IVF deal that I will explore in another post. I'm not sure I wanted my nieces
and nephews to know this, just because I'm paranoid our kid(s) will be subject to teasing. But I didn't tell anyone about this before hand, so I can't expect to her have known.


Faithful Infertile said...

LMAO!!! I had a bleeder Monday night! I gave myself the shot & as I a was pulling the needle out, blood shot across the bathroom floor & all down my butt! Gotta love PIO!

When do you get to have your first U/S? Keep us posted.

(Check out my blog. ;) )

Jill said...

Good to see the updates. Hope all goes well at your upcoming u/s!

JamieD said...

Such great news!!

I am the same way with deadlines . . . without them I can't seem to get anything done.

seriously? said...

Thanks for stopping by. I know she is trying to be nice, it just always comes out wrong. I would have loved to smack her!

I am so happy for you!