Thursday, March 29, 2012

MWF Seeking BFF - A Review

Last night, I finished the book MWF Seeking BFF. I really wanted this book to be funnier. Maybe I've read too much Chelsea Handler or Jen Lancaster. Maybe I really only like snarky non-fiction. That's not to say I didn't like the book. I found it interesting, except for all the statistics she included - like how much healthier we are if we have friends, or quotes from others about how to make friends. I want to say it was inspirational, that now I can go out and seek my own new BFFs but really it made me feel inspired, but I doubt my behavior will change.

Case in point, I was at Target on my lunch break today (yes, I do occassionally sneak out for lunch) and this woman who was wandering around the toddler clothes told me how much she hates boys clothes because girl clothes are so much cuter. And I typically agree, though there are some cute things out this season, thank you, Targhetto! But I just smiled politely and keep on searching for this robot tshirt that I need for the boys upcoming 3rd birthday party. I wasn't exactly rude, but I definitely wasn't exhibiting any "friend me" signals.

I mailed the book to my friend Steph. A true BFF in back in Wichita. I think she'll enjoy it the same way I did. It gave me a chance to tell her how grateful I am for her friendship, and that I was thinking of her. She and I have had what we call "bad breakups" with girlfriends in the past. And I know she wishes she had more close female friends. Don't we all?

One of the ways that the author of this book made friends during her "52 girl dates" in one year was through people who responded to her blog. I have a couple of people I've sincerely and what I think is deeply connected with on this blog ... you know who you are! ... maybe we're friends on FB or have exchanged emails and not just comments here or at their blog. All IF friends. All people who live too far away to be good friends today, but who I am happy to have in my blogosphere.

Next book: The Hunger Games. I know. Its a cliche. But I have to catch up. I have a feeling it won't take me long to finish the first book.

And then I can get back to adult literature.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Books

I splurged and bought 3 books on Amazon this past weekend and they arrived today and I am so totally stoked to get reading!

The Hunger Games because it is what everyone in my family was recommending two months ago, not just because the movie is coming out. My sister-in-law took it everywhere with her - basketball games, dinner with her kids, everywhere! So, its gotta be good, right?

I also got the new Jen Lancaster novel - yes! fiction! - so excited to read her fiction because all of her other books have all been autobiographical. So fun!

And....I already started reading this one within 1 minute of walking in the door tonight - MWF seeking BFF. About ... wait for it ... a married white female seeking a best friend as an adult. As someone who has the best BFFs every from childhood, who all live hours and hours and hours away from me, I am hoping this will make me feel better - other women seek this out, as well! And maybe I will find a path to find new besties in KC.

Yay for new books!!!!!