Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday morning. Can't sleep. DH is getting ready for work. This will be, perhaps, the most boring post ever.

I have an appointment at 9am to go get my TB test checked. In the midst of the twin excitement, I forgot to mention that I had my health assessment for our foster care license right after our u/s. Nevermind that I was 20 minutes late, almost forgot to go, and asked every single person who would listen if that darn tb test was safe. (I even checked online when I got home to be sure). Anyway, I can't even tell where they poked me, so I don't think I have TB. And we can check one more thing off the ever-shrinking list of requirements.

After that, if I'm feeling up to it, I thought I might drive across town to the 'other' Old Navy in town and see if perhaps they have a larger maternity section than the one at our mall. My pants are all tight! I could get away with larger pants for awhile, but I want to make a smart investment, perhaps one that will get me all the way through this. My biggest fear right now is that I'm in this leadership program with the city this year, and I have to wear a suit to all those meetings. And they last through the end of November. But I don't necessarily want to drop $500/piece on several new suits when my normal job will let me get by with business casual most of the time. Anyway, a little issue that I've been struggling with. I was hoping if I found some nice maternity trousers, I could wear them with some of my other suit jackets without looking like a refugee. This leadership gig is full of a bunch of people way out of my league (in my head anyway, I haven't met any of them yet) and so I'm nervous about dressing to impress.

Otherwise, my plan this weekend is to get a lot of rest. We have some plans with friends here and there, but since we're staying in town, it doesn't really feel like a holiday. Especially since DH is working today AND Monday. Boo! The only other thing I might attempt is ... a scrapbook page of our first ultrasound pics. It was such a beautiful moment, I'd like to remember as much of it as possible.

p.s. Regarding the foster care, I think I decided this week that DH and I will be respite care providers. Since I don't want a kid to have to move when the twins come, and I know the twins will be enough of a challenge, we're going to go ahead and get licensed, and then just provide temporary care for foster parents who need a break, have a family emergency, etc. We may come back to reconsider full time care later in life, but for now, we can still help out, in smaller doses.


JamieD said...

I know the feeling about "dressing to impress." I am not a smart dresser, so I am terribly self conscious around people who are. Surely if you find a good selection of maternity clothes, you can mix and match and stretch it out through the winter!

I love to hear you are considering respite care for foster children. It is so great that, in all this excitement, you are still thinking of others. It shows so much to how great and caring of a parent you will be!

seriously? said...

I have the same issue about clothes. I have a need for more business clothes at work, I watched my boss do the maternity pants and shirts with suit jackets pretty nicely last year. I am trying for that too.

I think respite foster care is a nice decision that takes into consideration your current state! DH is working Sat and Sun so I know the stinky feeling!

Jill said...

I hope you find some maternity clothes that suit you!! Good luck!

And, I think it's admirable about your respite care decision. Your situation has changed with the twins, but the fact that you're still thinking of other children who need help, says a lot about your (and DH's) character. :-)

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