Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stay at Home (with sick child) Mom

Will had some loose bowels at school. I guess their rule is 4 in one day means you have to take the next day off. So, I have been home with Will since yesterday around 2pm. He's not really sick. He has a post nasal drip that caused him to have the runs. So, he doesn't have a fever. Isn't throwing up. Behaves happy and normal. And so I've been pretending I'm a stay at home mom.

Here is what my version of a SAHM does.

1) we got groceries and ran other errands that I have been having a hard time getting done. I normally insist on doing these things ALONE. But Will was well behaved and actually a good shopping buddy, which is definitely not the case when I've got BOTH of them with me.

2) we went to story time at the library. Will sat on my lap and seemed to enjoy watching the librarians. I thought he might get crazy with the dancing and singing, but he was actually quiet and preferred to sit in my lap. I hope we can go again.

3) we cleaned the kitchen floor and did a couple loads of laundry. Because the floor was long overdue {isn't 24 hours long overdue at your house, too?!} and the laundry had piled up while we were gone this weekend.

4) we played. Play Doh. Puzzles. Golf.

5) we went to the play place at the mall. Where I chatted with other mothers. Which is something that is impossible when I've got to keep my eye on two moving targets. There was another mother of twins there, and she asked how I got away with just one today. I lied and said Will had a dentist appointment. Lest she shun me for bringing my poopy baby to the mall. {yes, i'm a sinner}

All in all, I would say that Will makes an excellent only child and even though I would never in a million years want to be a SAHM, its nice every once in awhile to have this quality time with him. He has not asked for his brother once. And he really isn't super needy with my attention. He's kind of content to be home with me and doing our thing. When he wakes up from his nap, I think we'll walk to our neighborhood playground, which is the second to last item on my SAHM agenda - right above finger painting.

Now, if I could only spend my vacation days doing what "I" want to do, then this list would look entirely different. But given the fact that as a parent, your own needs come dead friggin last, we may never get to see that list. {tear} Let's just say it involves fattening food, reality television, blankets and books.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Firm Express 4 day kick start

Please forgive any typos in this pose....I left my laptop at the office so I'm posting via my crappy phone...

So...with my 2nd body scan clear (sigh) and a week of thyroid replacement under my belt, I decided it was time to reverse the weight gain. Actually, I had already taken off 4 of the 9 pounds I gained when my metabolism was el zilcho. So, today, I have eaten what they call "anti-inflammatory" which apparently means no sugar, white carbs, bad fats or artificial sweeteners. And no caffeine! But I have done about 3 workout videos and eaten more fruits and vegetables than I normally have in more than a week. I'm hungry but not starving. So, not too shabby for day 1. I'm going to a wedding in Wichita next Friday so I want to look my best for that. And its time. I have mentally committed to giving their program a full 30 days ... So wish me luck!

Had my consult with the plastic surgeon this week. Now we just need to get my "reduction" approved by insurance. If not, I will want to wait until I get my bonus next summer. So....hoping insurance will cover a very long overdue resizing of my chest. Really liked the surgeon. And her staff. And I definitely don't want to wait any longer. Why get a boob job when I'm older if I could enjoy life better today? What if there isn't a later? I deserve to have a normal sized, evenly proportioned chest. Wearing two sports bras and still having my boobs flop out of them doing the workouts today just solidified my position. Its on!

Took the boys to the aquarium today where they were wild. Wore themselves out to where they took a full 3 hour nap. I don't remember the last time they slept that long! I napped too while my DH hit some golf balls. Day 1 of this holiday weekend was about as good as it gets around here....except that little Will keeps getting out of his big boy bed and slamming his door. I may have to go lay on his floor for awhile...again.

Haircuts tomorrow and my DH is playing golf with my boss on Monday. Otherwise I'll be focused on the menu on the fridge and the workout DVDs in the laptop doing everything I can to look my very best next weekend. Its nice to have something to dress up for, even if I've worn the dress before and I know I'll wake at 6am to a scream of "juice!!!"