Monday, October 19, 2009

this and that

Don't feel much like working today at work. I've been keeping my schedule open for an acquisition which will / might be taking over my time. But got word this morning it might be on hold, which was demotivating...

I sold my beloved car this weekend. When I bought it, I thought it was an investment for our family - a larger vehicle we would need. And I keep trying to convince myself it was a wise choice, back then. Before one baby became two, before my husband quit his job and took a lower paying one, before cancer, before the economy took away raises and bonuses and job security. I found it poignant that immediately after the new owners drove off in my 'baby' we took the twins to BRU.

We are still working on solid foods at our house. Some days they literally inhale spoonfuls of anything. And then other days, like yesterday, they can't hardly choke down a teaspoon. They seem to do better during the week when they're in their routine at daycare. But I like living in the moment and letting them hang out in pajamas until afternoon on weekends. We did buy them some handles for their bottles at BRU, with the hopes that they can start working on their fine motor skills and hold their own bottles soon. Selfish? Absolutely! But also an important step toward the sippy cup.

My in-laws stopped by for a visit yesterday. I believe it was the 6th time they've seen the boys in 6 months. And with them, they had a ginormous box of gifts! Six, yes SIX!, Leap Frog Baby animatronic toys - two dogs, one elephant, one line, one spider, and a piano. I have some mixed feelings about their compensating...I mean, just seemed much. I'm happy my boys will have generous grandparents who spoil them. But...something in the back of my brain is thinking we should put some of these toys away in the closet. I mean, they can plan with their feet for hours. So, these light-up, noise-making, sing-song toys might be a little bit of overload all at once.

I joined the Y two weeks ago. And have been 3 times. The only time I think I can go is at lunch, but then I end up working through lunch or running errands - because they're just so much easier on my own. So, no progress on my baby/cancer weight.

And one last thought, I am still disappointed when I get my period. I'm still infertile. Yes, I have these two miraculous babies who are the LOVE.OF.MY.LIFE. But DH and I simply cannot conceive without medical intervention. We can have all the unprotected sex we want. And even though I totally am not ready, and shouldn't be pregnant for a year after my radiation treatment....I'm still disappointed when cycle day 1 rolls around. Weird, huh?

Oh, and in case I have any pride left after all of the fabulous things I shared here. Will spit up on me at 4am this morning, and it got in my hair, and I was too tired to take a shower this morning, so I am walking around the office with crusty spit-up hair. It's hidden in a pony tail, but still...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ok, I know this post will appeal to only a few of y'all. And maybe I should keep this private, but I'm just so stinkin' excited! So, for those of you who feel bloated from fertility treatments, post-pregnancy bodies, and even those of you suffering from your monthly cycle....consider this -

I have been a spandex 'tummy tucker' underwear wearer for years. It was like the never-ending search for 'thee' tummy tucker.
I had normal spandex granny-sized panties, but then my belly hung over the top.
So, then I had panties that went up to my chest, but the top would roll down.
Sometimes these garments had legs to them, but I preferred a pantie without legs, because the legs would cut into my thighs and leave a noticeable line where my fat would pucker out at the bottom of the leg.
And then I had my favorite, which was a pair of panties that went up to just under my breasts, but also had like steal bar reinforecements that kept it from rolling back down. The only bad part, and by bad I mean humiliating, was that I had to have my husband help me get it all the way up in the back. We had a nice routine worked out where he would grab either side of the garment and I would wiggle my tush until the tummy tucker was all the way up in the back. Seriously, it was effective. But not attractive.
Oh, and even more humiliating, was that if God forbid I had to go to the bathroom while wearing one of these devices. My favorite one had a hook and eye crotch, so I didn't have to take it off. But the others had to be taken completely off. And then I'd have to try to wedge the back side up again without the aid of my husband! More than once I had to lure him to the hallway outside some bar or restaurant restroom to pull up my spandex out of the public eye.

I could never get into the ones with the built in bras, because my chest is HUGE and could not be crammed into them, or they were too saggy, or they were too pointy, or too wide. Nothing was just right.

But I have recently found the best undergarment EVER!!! The Maidenform WYOB Singlet. Wear Your Own Bra!!!!!

It is like a wrestling singlet, a full one-piece singlet that slides OVER your existing bra. It has an opening in the crotch that just opens like the fly on a man's pair of tighty whitey's, only in the crotch, not the front. My husband DOES NOT have to pull it up for me, I can pull it up myself with the straps. There is no rolling down, no need to take it off to pee. And although it has legs, the ends are not tight, so there is no puckering - visible or otherwise. It has fulfilled all of my needs. You should probably buy 2 or 3.

And so today I was able to wear a dress that I really should lose 10 pounds before I wear in public. Yay for the WYOB!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wow. It's been a really, really long time since I posted. Probably because life has somehow gotten busier, or because I have had less to vent about.

I had this hilarious thought (hilarious to me, and probably only me but I'll share it here anyway) last night. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a wedding shower gift for some friends. I used a coupon, and then the check out lady asked to see my I.D. She didn't think this was funny, but I blurted out, "I bet people who steal credit cards don't use coupons."

I don't think she got it.

Seriously, what do people who steal credit cards care about how much gets charged on the stolen card? It's not like they're going to pay it.

It's not that I didn't want to show her my ID, I just thought it was funny.

Otherwise, life is well. The boys will be 6 months old. Starting solid foods has been our biggest challenge so far, but predictable, consistent practice has really gotten us to an acceptable ratio of spitting out vs. swallowing. They roll over. They giggle. They smile. They're over hating their bathes.