Thursday, October 21, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Can you believe how big they are??!?!?! Jack pushing Will while Will is in the storage compartment in their little ride on toy. It's the only way to get them to share when they try to wrestle it away from each other - encourage one of them to push!
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am having a mammogram tomorrow.

Not really, its actually because my new Dallas OB (seriously O.V.E.R. finding new doctors!) recommended it for my 'dense' breasts. And....she wrote on the paperwork the number of medicated cycles I have had - 4 in case you lost track.

I'm oddly not that worried about it. My BFF H. had one for the same reason. And I have other friends who have had them prior to boob jobs. So, its not totally uncommon, just a precaution. I guess I just wasn't expecting it at age 34.

That being said, all the publicity this month for the awareness and save the boobies and all that is kind of creeping into my skull. I have to keep changing the radio station and avoiding restaurants with their pink roses. There was a Susan G Komen Race for the Cure walk/run by our house last weekend. Etc. Etc. Etc.

It's not as serious or as emotionally disturbing, but its like a mild case of the way you feel when you're TTC and you hear a friend got her BFP or you read an article about the Duggars. Um, hello, I'm trying to avoid thinking about this and you're ruining it for me!!!!!!

In other news, the boys have started a Mother's Day Out program one day / week at a local pre-school. This week they were finger painting. How cool is that?! They still aren't talking as much as I'd like. But I suppose I also may just not be very good at hearing them. Will says something that sounds like "Go!" or maybe its just "Bo". He never will repeat anything on command, so its hard to say. So, I am narrating the life out of them. Yes, you have the blue cup. Jack pulled Will's hair. Will is swiping Jack's orange ball.

Work is good. Busy. Busy. Glad I'm here. DH is still looking for a job. It seems like nobody called all summer and now he gets a couple calls/interviews a week. Hopefully, he can be picky. The job he has a second interview for next week is actually MORE than he was making in Wichita. Which would just be so freaking awesome! Imagine! We would actually be better off, which was the plan, but just hasn't worked out yet.

My mom is coming to visit for a week. She arrives on 10/29. She's been having some financial struggles. DH and I have been talking about how we might help. I don't even know if she'll let me, but I am really upset about it, and I really want to do something. It's the least I can do.

Ok, I gotta get back to this episode of Jersey Shore. Doing some research for my Halloween costume - I'm going as Snooki and DH is going to be the Situation. I promise to post pics!