Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stuart Smalley & the Rockstar

Woo Hoo! We have hit the 34-week milestone which means if I were to go into labor today, no one would try to stop it. Yay for us!

My weekly OB appointments have become more like 'positive affirmations' from Stuart Smalley. As soon as Dr. C leaves the exam room, I raise my fist triumphantly and claim that I'm a rockstar! to my DH who just laughs at me.

So, in honor of all that this post will be, here is a picture of me (on the right) with Al Franken (the man behind Stuart Smalley) from our annual pilgremage to Minnesota in 2007. This is what I look like every year on July 4th - 10am, beer in hand, inserting myself into what would otherwise be a nice, family-friendly, patriotic, small town festival ;-)

But back to me and my boys.
As of yesterday, they are both weighing about 5 1/4 pounds. Both breech. Both get straight A's on every test. Dr. C checked my cervix, and shook his head, as if to say I don't even know why I bother - these boys aren't going anywhere! He reiterated how unlike any other twin pregnancy this is, and how well we're doing. To which, I replied, its genetics, its not me. Because I know all too well that I have nothing to do with this, its all in God's hands. And of course, I read enough blogs to know that there are a lot of women who take a lot better care of themselves than I do, who have not had this outcome. So, I know its not anything I'm doing. But I enjoy the praise anyway.
I told Dr. C that if we make it to 26 weeks, I'm going back to full days at work. Kind of half joking, half feeling him out. He told me he would have no reason to argue with me if that's what I wanted to do.
He also worked out the amnio/twin/bureaucracy/blah/blah/blah with the hospital and we have the green light to schedule our c-section for 28 weeks without an amnio. Whew! So, if I do not spontaenously go into labor before then, we will schedule a section for the afternoon of April 9th or the morning of April 10th.
It's a relief to have an end date in mind. To know that at the most, I have 29 more days of being pregnant.
It's not so important during the day, but at night when I have indigestion or when Baby A is head-butting my ribs, its good to have a countdown.
And now, for a story about how I am NOT a rockstar.
Tuesday evening I thought I was having some cramping, so I followed doctor's orders - slammed some water, took two Tylenol PM, and laid on my left side. Which made me fall asleep by 8pm.
I woke up at 11:30 with horrible nausea and indigestion. So, I relocated to the couch. DH was still in the living room and wide awake because he had NOT taken two Tylenol PM. So, I made him lay on the love seat and keep me company while I thrashed around on the couch, whining, moaning, crying out, breathing through my mouth, chewing on Tums, sipping water, burping, and lamenting my uncomfortable condition.
As you can imagine, I was not at my best!
And just when I thought I was comfortable, I feel the babies start to kick and so I growl at DH Oh great! Now, THEY'RE awake!
All told, I was probably only awake for an hour, but in the moment it felt like I would never ever be comfortable again, that I would be nauseas forever, and would not be able to get back to sleep.
If this is the worst of it, I'm sure I've had a very easy twin pregnancy. But I do hope I don't have another episode like that again!


Jess to the Lo said...

CONGRATS on reaching 34 weeks!!! That's HUGE! WOW!! I can't stop smiling for you guys.

JamieD said...

Congrats on the 34 week milestone! Really, you have made it all sound so very easy.

Except for the indigestion - yuck!

sushilover said...

Wow your Tuesday episode sounds a lot like my last Sunday episode! I keep thinking...I won't be able to sleep later...can't they just let me sleep now?