Monday, March 16, 2009

25 Days and Counting ...

So, I have started counting down the days to our scheduled c-section. At most, I have

4 More Work Weeks - to get everything wrapped up all nice and neat, for my leave. I can't imagine 'leave' being no phone calls or no email. But I also can't imagine life with twins. So, I plan to be super productive and really work toward leaving them with little to fear during my absence.

3 More Kidless Weekends - to enjoy with my husband (even though he will probably work every Saturday anyway), because it will NEVER just be the two of us again. To just relax in the silence of our home. To be spontaneous and run an errand or to a movie on a whim, because we can. To dream about what our kids will look like, and how we will handle various situations.

25 More Sleepless Nights - before the REAL sleep deprivation begins! But hopefully, I won't have the physical pain I endure at night now.

And on that note, my latest 'attempt' at sleeping is so comical, so laughable, that I have been telling everyone. I hope you enjoy it, as well.

Let's face it, I'm a little front heavy.

And I have groin pain. Pain so severe that it prevents me from having the strength to manuveur my belly around like I'd like. Or move my legs more than 3 inches off any surface.

So, I have a truly difficult time rolling from side to side.

It's painful in so many places.

It's really just not an option anymore.

But my hips hurt at night.

They hurt bad.

So, I have to change sides several times throughout the night.


I sleep on the right side of the bed. When I'm laying on my right side, I have my head on my pillow, all normal like up by my bedside table.

But when I have to flip to my left, my current procedure is to let my legs hang over the side of the bed, use my arms to push myself up into a sitting position, rearrange my pillow at the foot of the bed, and ease myself down on my left side so my head is at the foot / feet are at the head and I have successfully found my left side without actually having to roll over.

About three times a night, I supplement this move with a trip to the bathroom. Which is more like a shuffle, because laying on my side makes my groin hurt worse somehow and so my legs don't want to lift off the floor.

Oh, and all of this is accompanied by huffing and puffing and sighing and muttering 25 more days under my breath.


~*~Bodhi~*~ said...

Good luck and enjoy the next 25 days ;-)

I'd kill to only have 25 days to go....

Jess to the Lo said...

I LOVE your sleep routine! Makes perfect sense to me. I do hope you enjoy your last weekends with your husband, who hopefully will be off work! :D

JamieD said...

I'm laughing just a teensy, teensy bit!

I can't imagine how just UNCOMFORTABLE you must be right now. But I am also so proud at how well you've done!

Just 24 more days now . . .

Anonymous said...

I start the night off with my head at the foot of the bed. Mostly so I can fall asleap watching tv while lying on my right side, until the first bathroom break 2 or 3 hours later when I then move my head to the head of the bed to continue watching tv until I fall asleap again. Whatever works baby!

G$ said...

I am picturing how adorable all this must look like to the husband. Oh sure, you are like a turtle stuck on its back... No, really, I am sorry for the pain and discomfort, but wow! only 25 days!! So excited for you!

sushilover said...

Hey now that's an idea about the switching sides! I end up just slowly pushing myself up to sitting position, actually stand up (which yes is quite painful at times), insert groan and huffing and puffing, and then adjust myself on my other side. I think if I put my head at the opposite side of the bed I might get confused and fall off. I'm too much into my routine now. But actually getting up and re-positioning is BY FAR much easier than attempting to rollover. That's just plain suicide. I say do whatever works.

Pepper said...

Wow, things are really moving along aren't they! So very exciting. I hope you enjoy these next three weeks. :-)