Thursday, March 26, 2009

36 Weeks!!!!!!

So, today, we have officially reached the 36-week milestone. Yay for us!

Sono and OB appointments today. The boys are now 6lbs, 6oz and 6lbs, 11oz. If you think that is crazy big with 15 days to go - SO DO I ! Baby B gained a whole pound in the past 9 days. So, no more oreos for them!

Our c section is officially scheduled for 9:30am on Friday, April 10th. We go two hours ahead of that, and no food or drinks after midnight the night before. Am pleased its in the morning, but not at the Butt Crack of Dawn, because I really didn't want to have to be there before the sun came up.

Dr C was scoping out the landscape today on my tummy as to where and how he's going to cut me. I love the man to death and trust him with my life, but I was unnerved by this notion. And grossed out, because my belly is just this huge monstrous thing right now, which is beautiful because my boys are in there, but is also just really gross, when its like your body, but its not.

In other news, the forecast is for 4-7 inches of snow tomorrow, which is fine because the ground is not frozen, so it should just melt and be muddy, right? On the other hand, the only shoes I can cram my bloated feet into are flip flops, so I'm not really looking forward to having frozen, muddy toesies at the office tomorrow. Perhaps I can shove them into some shoes for the short walk from the parking lot into the building.


JamieD said...

Wow! I can't believe your c-section is still that far away. You are going to birth the biggest, healthiest twins ever!

Do you think you'll go into labor before then? They sure must be comfy in there. I bet it's the Oreos.

Sushilover said...

Hey April 10th is my birthday! They'll be fabulous Aries men :) Congrats on getting them fat and healthy!!!! Isn't it crazy when you think of them all smooshed inside you? I just can't believe it! Where I live it's nice and warm and the only clothes I have that fit are velvet sweat pants and slip on sneakers. We should change places!

She said...

I think I would have been a little disturbed by the doctor mapping out the plan of attack too. LOL My theory would be, just do your thing and let me know when it's over. I don't want to know HOW. Haha.