Sunday, March 8, 2009

It Got Worse before It Got Better

So, yesterday got worse, before it got better. My DH could not seem to do anything right.
  1. He did not turn in the payroll information for his employees, and thus for him, to his accountant last week, so nobody got paid this week, which I realized when I was buying groceries. Thankfully, I thought of this *before* I tried to use our debit card, because we had $30 in that account. But I was mostly angry about his poor hourly employees, and the trouble he could get in with labor laws for pulling crap like this.
  2. He offered to run to McDonald's to get some dinner for us, because even after grocery shopping, nothing in the house sounded good. I asked for a medium fry, medium Coke because I knew I would be eating later. He brought me a small fry, large Coke. And I know it may sound picky, but *somehow* Coke out of a medium McDonald's cup actually tastes better!
  3. I had pre-heated the oven to heat up some artichoke dip and had the dip made up, sitting in a dish on the stove, along with some bread I was going to broil after the dip was warm. When the oven signaled it was pre-heated, I started to get up to put the dip in the oven, but DH jumped up to help and said he would do it. I called out to 'leave the lid on' and I would check on it after awhile. So, awhile passes and I decide to go check on the dip. He says Do you think the bread is done? Somehow he thought the dip was done, and I only needed to heat up the bread, which was now dry and overcooked, sitting beside a very cold and raw artichoke dip.

Thankfully, I had other plans for last night - Girls Night In! at my friend L's house - so I didn't have to just b*tch all night about things that in the grand scheme are really insignificant but when put together into one day seem like a pattern of ineptitude.

DH was going to hit golf balls while I was gone.

As I was leaving, I noticed that it was lightning, so I called DH and suggested he choose to *not* hit golf balls in the storm. He argued with me a little bit, so I gave up and said, Fine, if you get electrocuted and die tonight, I will just tell your boys that you were selfish and refused to listen to me when I warned you about the storm. I kid you not, the tornado sirens went off not 20 minutes later. And I got a text Good thing I didn't go to the range. Those sirens would have freaked me out. Love you! I was just relieved he had taken my advice. It may have sounded like I was being overly cautious at the time, and the lightening looked far away, but why risk it?

Anyway, the night got SO much better from there. Girls sitting around a table, stuffing our faces, them drinking adult beverages, me enjoying a crisp cool 7up. And I got more baby stuff, some borrowed, and some gifts. And I didn't come home until after 11, for which I had to sleep in this morning. And I mysteriously didn't care about the fries, the Coke, the dip, the bread, or the money when I got home. Those fabulous ladies were just the therapy I needed to get me out of my funk!


She said...

Oh yes, I know that feeling. I love my girls!!

Jess to the Lo said...

Girls night does the same for me too! I LOVE it! Glad your day got better.

JamieD said...

Girlfriend therapy is the best. I can cure just about anything!