Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Dustin

My SIL sent me the following update on our family friend, Dustin:

Well I guess he isdoing better, considering he tried to climb out
of his bed. They had to drug him more heavily since he was moving around too
much. They aren't allowing visitors anymore, but his mom got to go in and see
him and she told him he wasn't allowed to go swimming anymore and he flipped her off, so I guess that is a good sign!!! He is in for the MRI right now, so we
will hear later tonight what that will say. Sounds like good news today!!!

I'm on my first road trip since the BFP, just a 3-hour drive from home, recruiting with my old roommate. We stayed up way too late for me last night (almost midnight!) and I woke up at 5 or so unable to get back to sleep so I've been testing data in our computer system. In 15 minutes or so, I can get up and take a shower. I was glad my friend was here to help me with the PIO, because I'm down to my last batch of needles which are really thin and there's no way I could push that in from the angle on my bum.
I'm a little paranoid because I felt so much better yesterday, and was able to stay up late, and able to rise early this morning. This is not normal 9wk, 5 d behavior. I should have been asleep by 9, and there's no way I should have been able to eat the donut I inhaled at work yesterday morning. My next u/s isn't until NEXT Friday, which I hate. I wish it was this Friday. I wish it was today. My friend K., who has had the recurrent miscarriages and is currently about 13 weeks, was worried so she moved her OB appt up from Friday to today. Her OB must not be as busy as mine, because I could never get in. But its tempting to call.
I'm going to try to stick with my original appointment, and live in the moment. As far as I know, everything is okay with the twins. The spotting has been gone since Saturday evening. So, I had a good day, hormones fluctuate. I'll probably collapse tonight. Hopefully, I'll collapse tonight.
Recently, my favorite symptom has been this sort of one hiccup thing that my body does. Even if I haven't eaten or drinken anything recently, it still happens. Which never happened before the BFP. Just one random hiccup at some point during the day. For some reason, it reassures me that all is well.
I'm sure its normal to feel this way, and I have no reason to believe anything is wrong. I'm just worried because I haven't seen them in awhile, and I'm not really in tune with my body, so I don't know what's going on in there. I'm going to try to distract myself with work and hope the time passes quickly.

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sushilover said...

Glad Dustin seems to be doing better! I hear you on the paranoia. Hang in there. Yummm a donut...I think I'll get one for lunch...or errr dessert. After my salad of course :) I've had good days and bad days so maybe this is just a good day today. I think the hiccups are a good sign...I have the same exact thing! Or I have belching which I so never normally do...