Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 Week Update

OK, I'm back home. Whew! So, future posts will be regular-sized. So sorry for yesterday's story. It felt good to get it out.

I have been having headaches the past few days, which I assumed were sinus headaches.

BUT the thought hit me this evening -- what if they're pregnancy headaches? That's what I'm choosing to believe. The twins are giving me this headache! The twins are okay!

The exhaustion has returned. I was so tired driving home and unpacking at the office that I could hardly concentrate. I always know I'm tired when I move slow.

I had my little hiccups this morning, which probably isn't in any textbook, but is in my book, a very positive sign that the twins are alive and kickin.

No nausea again today, but the food aversions remain. Right now I'm obsessing about a cheap crappy frozen bean and cheese burrito. But we don't have any in the house. I'm too tired to go anywhere. And DH works until 7. I don't know if I can make it that long. Mmmmmm. Burrito....


JamieD said...

I'm still working on something to make time pass . . . you'll be the first to know.

Silver said...

Hang in there!