Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homesick (9wk 6d)

My friend left today, so I will spend tonight and half day tomorrow here all by myself. I'm a big girl. I've traveled for business alone lots of times, but somehow now that I'm pregnant, my tolerance for being alone away from home is way down.

The big question is ... which do I miss more? My Tivo or my husband? My answer may change after Pres Bush begins his economic address here in a few.

Symptom watch continues. I am not nauseas, but as my friend K. pointed out this evening on the phone, I should not overlook the food aversion. (Sorry to my dear friends who I harrass with a call tonight. Between the boredom in the hotel and nothing to do, I'm obsessing and calling everyone I know). This morning, I could not finish a hot cocoa. I couldn't eat the meat at lunch. And tonight for dinner, only a few fries and a few slurps of a chocolate shake. Mostly, I just want water. So, instead of focusing on how good my stomach feels, I will focus on how nothing sounds good. Trying to stay positive, because seriously?! I have zero evidence anything is wrong. But did I mention I'm not exausted? 8 more days til my next u/s....


Just found this post and am going to incorporate it in my daily prayers for awhile.

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