Monday, September 8, 2008

Saliva Factory (7wk 4d)

So, I got a new symptom today. Which I have never once experienced before in my life. Even if you've never had morning sickness, you know what it's like to be nauseas. Never had a BFP? Still know the agony of sore boobs. Constipation? If not, I hate you.

Today, my mouth became a saliva factory. I noticed while talking to my boss this morning that I had little drool pools at the sides of my mouth, almost like I needed to suck it in before I spoke. Coming up the stairs talking to our marketing director, I had to swallow before I could respond to a simple How are you? It didn't make me sicker or puke, which is nice. But its definitely new. And I think its normal. But a very odd sensation nonetheless.

I've noticed my comments are down. And I worry that now that I've crossed over into pregnancy talk that I'll lose some of you. I hope not because your support has meant the world to me, but if its painful for you here, I understand and I wouldn't blame you for moving on. I know for some people, talk of pregnancies can be very difficult. At the same time, I still consider myself infertile.
More likely, you are tired of me talking about my constipation and don't find bathroom texting as hilarious as me and my sister. Touche.
We received our very first 'baby' gift today. My friend S had given us the Baby Bargains book, but this is an actual gift for the baby. A woman who works at one of our stores in Topeka brought me some adorable Carter baby socks today. I *almost* cried and did have to give her a hug. Isn't that the sweetest thing?! This woman, who I think is very sweet, but really maybe only talk to once a month when she has a question, bought my babies a gift. Their very first pairs of socks. I was very, very touched. I couldn't find a picture online, otherwise I would paste it here.


JamieD said...

Saliva factory? Wow - that is one thing I have never heard of before!

seriously? said...

Oh full of spit all the time, enjoy! I found I drooled on pillows quite a bit even when I was awake but lying on my side.

Sorry I haven't been commenting too much, google reader has kinda stopped my commenting. I am trying to make a better effort!

I have baby bargins, I hope you find it more helpful than I did.

Tiffi33 said...

hehe..that is an odd symptom..
I had abnormal swelling w/my eldest in the first weeks..before I even knew I was preg...

I do remember being grossed out by the smell of spit tho..yuck

seriously? said...

Thanks for stopping by and having some advice that didn't include flea bombing! The vet didn't make it seem like it was that bad, it was more eggs then actual fleas.

He gave her a different flea medicine and said that all the fleas and eggs on her should be dead 24 hours from then. He just said vaccum and was her stuff. I freaked out and washed everything. Maybe nesting is starting.. :)