Friday, September 12, 2008

My husband received the following email from his mother today:

A woman I work with, has triplet granddaughters. Her son has created a blog for them that he updates almost daily. I’m sending you the link as inspiration.

Now, DH assumed she thought we might learn something about multiples. I assume the emailed photos she received YESTERDAY of our 8 week sonogram are not enough for her. Am I reading too much into this email, or is my MIL pressuring us to start a blog?

P.S. If she is pressuring us to start a blog, I am so tempted to reply with Thanks for the suggestion. We already have a blog where we tell a bunch of strangers every single detail of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, I also use this space to bitch about you, so I'm not going to be able to send you the link. But thanks for all the pressure. Its so helpful!

OB's office called me back today. They are fitting me in on Monday, and I will have yet another sonogram. At first, I protested, I said, Did one of you tell him that I just had a sonogram on Thursday? This seems like overkill. And she replied, He has surgery all day on Monday and he's just coming in to see you. Ok, fine. I'll take the appointment. Next, I tried to talk her out of the sonogram. It seems unnecessary. But she thinks he'll insist. So, I say OK, its not like I don't like seeing them. And finish with I guess I'll just make my deductible sooner. So, on the one hand, I worry that I'm getting some unnecessary care next week. On the other hand, it would appear that my OB is going to be taking care of me, which is nice. Plus, I get the reassurance of their heartbeats and growth measurements sooner than expected. Can't complain!
DH and I had our first aid class tonight. The teacher was a hot fireman, with a horrible Jim Carrey from the Cable Guy laugh. It was AWFUL. But the class went fast, and we got out early. The bad news was he was out of certification cards, so our application will have to wait until he sends them to us in the mail, and we scan and send them on to our foster care agency.
Now, all that is left is DH's health assessment and TB test on the 26th. So, so close.
8wk 1d

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JamieD said...

Um . . . it sounds like veiled bitchiness from your MIL. IMO.

It is a shame your hot fireman instructor had a horrible Jim Carrey laugh. What a waste!