Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Goiter Update (8wk 6d)

Ok, so because of the faithful reassurance of my friend K, I have become much stronger lately, much less afraid of calling the doctor's office with questions, and much less likely to wait for my next appointment. So, I called and left a message for Dr. C's nurse today. And she called me back around 4.

I think my message was calm. I asked someone to call me back and tell me when they thought they might have the results of my thyroid test. I explained that I hadn't seen the enlarged thyroid when the doctor was discussing it, and didn't look in a mirror in the exam room, but definitely noticed how large it was when I got home. I told them that I had read the brochure they gave me, and was concerned about the possibility for birth defects, including mental retardation. And I'd like them to also tell me how worried I should be about this. Not psycho. Not 10 calls. Just one message to tell me when the results would be in.

So, S. called me and said that my results were back. My TSH is normal. I guess the range is 0.4 to 4.something and mine was 0.7 which is good, because its on the low side of the range. She said my babies were fine, which made me tear up. And then, she worried me because she started reassuring me that they're going to take good care of me and my babies. That made me feel a little bit like they think I'm a psycho. But really, I would have worried for the next two weeks until my next appointment if I didn't know the results. And if they didn't want me to worry, then they shouldn't have given me a brochure that mentioned that the thing they were testing me for and the huge growth on my neck could cause my babies to have horrible brain problems. So, I hope that wasn't her thought, and that she is just used to reassuring people. Because I thought it was totally normal to read a brochure a doctor gives you, and consider that he wants you to know that information, and then to freak out or not freak out based on what you learn. I hadn't freaked out yet, because I knew I could have an enlarged thyroid and a normal thyroid production, but I was worried.

In other news, the insomnia seems to have diminished. I still woke up last night to potty. But I was able to get back to sleep right away.
My diet mostly consists of apple sauce, water, and baked potatoes with butter at this point. I can eat a few other things, but potatoes sound palatable. Not delicious, just like something that might settle my tummy. I'm not nauseas, really, just my stomach never feels normal. Like I'm aware of it, and when you feel normal, you aren't aware of your stomach.

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JamieD said...

I think it is perfectly reasonable to call to find out the results of your lab work! I would have called 10 times minimum.

Funny - I have had quite a bit of applesauce myself today. I don't really feel ~sick~ just not right. Applesauce does just the trick.