Thursday, September 11, 2008

I <3 the BellaBand (8wk 0d)

If you haven't got one already, every single one of you needs the BellaBand. If you have never heard of it, you can buy them anywhere online, even Amazon. It is a band of stretchy material that you wear around your waist. You can totally unbutton your pants and slide this band over the button/zipper/etc. area and your pants will stay up and no one will be the wiser.

I wore the BellaBand for the first time today. And its the most comfortable thing ever. I totally felt like I was in my comfy velour pants that I've worn all throughout our treatments.

So, big point here, I recommend them for all women, not just pregnant ladies. Because I would have loved this thing 6 months ago when I was bloated from stimming and none of my pants fit. And if you aren't stimming, I will be using this when AF arrives and I have to fight that bloat. I was even thinking it would come in handy if you ate a big dinner!

You should probably buy one in every color. I have black, but am going to go back for white and brown. I <3 the BellaBand!!!!!

Next, some of you may already know that we had our 8 week sono appointment today. The twins are both doing well. They had healthy heartbeats. They are measuring 8 wk 1 day. They have big heads and tiny little arm buds. See for yourself:

What do you mean you can't see it? Well, neither can I. I feel like Rachel in that Friends episode where Ross can see everything the doctor is pointing out and she just waits until the doctor leaves and cries, I don't see it! Even in the close up pictures, these babies look like blobs to me. Blobs with heartbeats, but blobs nonetheless.

We have been graduated from the CRM and will now be seeing my OB. He is booked for like the next two months (he's kind of a big deal) but they were going to talk to him about slipping me in somewhere. So, we're waiting to hear back from him.

Dr VW (the fabulous RE) has asked me to start an OTC iron supplement because she says that mothers of twins can suffer from anemia. So, I will be starting that soon. And she says the placenta will take over for the progesterone sometime during week 8 so I only need to finish one more vial of those IM injections...but if it made me feel better psychologically I could continue to week 12. I think I'll feel it out, but probably go ahead and use up what I have. Why not?


We had our home visit for our foster care license today. DH is home with me now, surfing the web on his laptop. It's so nice to have him home before dark! The visit went fine. Answering questions about the regulations, getting fingerprinted, having them inspect the house.

Tomorrow night, we have our mandatory first aid class, and then DH has his physical/TB test on the 26th. We should have our temporary license by the end of the month and be getting calls to take kids ASAP. I'm happy we have a few more weeks, because right now, I am so tired, I would be the worst caregiver ever.


Blue said...

Great sono picture - they look beautiful! Congrats on your week 8 milestone!
I can't wait to get my Bella Band...I ordered one online yesterday and spent all day today hoping it would be delivered soon as my trousers were being held together by a safety pin (VERY uncomfortable!). I'm sure that once I've tried one out, I'll be ordering more in other colors!

Faithful Infertile said...

I LOVE the BellaBand. Since I gained so much fluid, I've been wearing on since about 5 weeks with my work pants! Sooooo comfy!

I'm so glad your sono went well. Those are two beautiful blobs! lol... I head back next Thursday! :)

JamieD said...

What beautiful little blobs! And graduating to your OB - what a milestone! You have the right to be exhausted from a perfectly wonderful week!