Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Goiter (8wk 5d)

So, I updated here last night before I actually LOOKED at my thyroid in the mirror. And I was SHOCKED by the off-center Adam's apple that has appeared seemingly overnight. I can see now how my OB was able to spot it across the room.

How long has it been there? Why didn't I notice it before? Why didn't someone tell me?

So, I'm worried about the enlarged thyroid (aka GOITER!). I also kind of just like saying the word goiter. It reminds me of grotesque growths on aboriginees, which mine is not yet, but by textbook definition, I am now the proud of owner of a goiter.

See for yourself:

Please pardon the hair. I really should have taken 2 seconds to pull it back, but I was anxious to document my goiter for medical research (my own, but still research). I want to be sure it doesn't get bigger. I assure you, I am not a dude. And I have never before had an Adam's apple, plus this one is on the side, not the middle. Also, please pardon the dead Barbie doll look in my eyes. I think I was concentrating too hard on getting the shot. It reminds me of this old Judy Chicago installation where this Barbie doll was cut into shelves. But I digress...
Needlesss to say, I am anxiously awaiting a call from my doctor to put me on some sort of supplement to hopefully make this thing go down in size and prevent the complications listed in the brochure he gave me - anything from low birth weight to abnormal development of the baby's brain. The brochure also says that the babies' own thyroids will take over at 10 weeks, which isn't that far away! So, I'm worried about what damage has already been done if I've had this thing for awhile and not noticed it. Hopefully, the blood test will show that my TSH and T4 levels are just fine and that I just have an enlarged thyroid right now. But if I have to wait until my next appt on 10/3, I will be a mess!!!!!!
I think my iron supplements have been causing me insomnia. I was taking them at night because my RE warned they might make my nausea symptoms worse, but the past two nights (the only two nights I've taken them) I've had a hard time sleeping. Last night, I was awake for over two hours from 1:05 until sometime around 3. I have also heard this is a symptom of pregnancy, but I'm hoping that it's not, that it really is being caused by the iron, and that if I take the pill earlier in the day I'll get a full night's rest.
And, wouldn't it just be grand if the goiter was somehow connected to the iron and didn't mean I was deficient anywhere and the babies were just fine????!!!! That, my friends, is exactly what I want the case to be.
Anyway, I hope I get more sleep tonight. Insomnia totally and completely sucks!


Elana Kahn said...

Good luck with your goiter! I hope it gets smaller soon!!

Tiffi33 said...

OMG I cannot believe no one else noticed!!
do you think it just got this big??
They should get you tested sooner than your next appt..
good luck hon!
that is a scary thing to have while preg!!

JamieD said...

I hope you get some answers about your goiter soon!

Your pic was fine - I didn't even notice your hair or your 'doll's eyes.' You are too funny!!