Monday, September 15, 2008

First OB Appointment (8wk 4d)

Today was my first OB appointment. Sheesh! The waiting room is literally going to KILL me. I am not a patient woman. I brought a book. I was prepared. So, 40 minutes after my appointment, I get called back. It was another 30 minutes or so until I saw my OB. And at least another 30 after he left the examine room before we got out of there. This will not be fun. What do people who are hourly do? What do people without really understanding bosses do? Like, if I worked at McDonald's, I would have the worst prenatal care, or I would have had to have taken the entire day off today. I appreciate the time and attention I receive, but I can't believe they can't keep to a better schedule....

But, I must say that I adore my OB. He is so patient, and kind, and caring. He is bringing me back in two weeks, but is out the beginning of that week so it ends up being almost three weeks. And he is testing my thyroid AGAIN because apparently its as big as an adam's apple and he could see it from across the room. (He and others have tested it before with no abnormal results, so I don't get that, but whatever). They also ran an OB panel which is a bunch of tests I've already had taken at the CRM, but I'm sure insurance will cover it again. Just seems wasteful not to wait for my charts to get transferred.

I started my iron supplement last night. I immediately felt better. Weird, huh? I still get nauseas if I get too hungry. For example, today at lunch, I had to ask the waitress for crackers before she even took our orders. But I had been standing and up and around and hadn't eaten yet today, so it was touch and go on the whole 'no puking' rule.

Dr C is also keeping me on the progesterone until it runs out. He agrees with my 'security blanket' theory and said If you don't take it, it will just be wasted so I will be finishing up the last few vials of my PIO. I was looking forward to being done, but also like feeling like we're giving these two every chance they've got to have a great, strong first trimester, so I don't mind.

I don't really have any other news, or emotional rants. Work is busy this week, and I look forward to early bedtimes every night. And hopefully naps at lunchtime as my schedule allows. I find myself looking forward to the weekend, not because we have any big plans, but because I can lay in bed all day and sleep whenever I want. Hopefully, this goes away at 12 weeks!


Blue said...

Hey there. Glad the first OB appt went well. Did he scan you or listen to heartbeats etc? I have to wait another 2 weeks for my first OB appt...I'm hoping for a scan for reassurance more than anything else. Not sure about you, but because things are still early, I do wonder whether all is going well in there when I haven't had any tests in a while. Also like you I am dead on my feet most of the time and often nauseas (at least those are good signs!).

Tiff said...
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Tiffi33 said...

the iron is amazing how much better they make you feel!
I know w. my youngest when I started those it was amazing how much better I felt!!

and often the best Dr's are the busiest ;)

JamieD said...

I am sorry about the office wait, but glad to hear you like your OB! At least it was worth the wait. He sounds very attentive.

I hate waiting in line, waiting rooms, etc. I am sure I would be disgusted to know how much time I spent just waiting.