Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pregnancy Hormones Wreak Havoc

Despite my fabulous afternoon on the deck, I was starting to get depressed this week. I'm tired of my husband working crazy hours and overcommitting. I was devastated to learn he will be working next Saturday AND Sunday. The prospect of a whole weekend alone in this house just about undid me. Normally, I would go out with friends or jump in the car and leave him behind when he pulls this crap. I would be in Iowa with family or Minnesota with friends before he knew what hit him. That's what I normally do. But being 32weeks (and two days!) pregnant with twins, I can't leave the city limits, and I know I need to rest.

I'm sad that I spend so much time home alone. I'm bored with our bedroom and Tivo. I'm impatient for the boys to get here, but determined to keep them in as long as possible. I was beginning to feel like a prisoner to this pregnancy.

But two things have cheered me up.

1 - DH is off today, which is the first Saturday he hasn't worked since Christmas. We went grocery shopping together, and he has been working on his resume so he can find a new job that is not so all-consuming.

2 - My old roommate sent me this video from the Kevin Fowler concert in Manhattan last night - a musician who we discovered when we lived in Houston together. A rowdy drunken country singer whose hits range from 'don't touch my willy' to 'beer, bait, and ammo' to this, our old favorite 'long line of losers'. Last year in November, I took this roommate to a KF concert in KC for his birthday.

So, it was sweet of him to be thinking of me while he was out drinking with his new friends. And also, he said the sweetest thing on the phone yesterday afternoon when I was whining. He didn't judge, he didn't blow off or invalidate my feelings. He simply said, "it will all be worth it." This brought me to tears. He's right and I know it, but sometimes when you're in the forest, its hard to see the daylight. But it felt good to hear him say it. Also made me feel like just because I can't be the friend he goes to beer joints with, that we're still friends. And even though it may feel like my life is on hold right now, I still have a lot of friends who will be waiting for me when I return - or even better, if because I'm now a mother to twins, I can never return to that life.

The video is poor quality and you probably wouldn't recognize the song, but I want to save it here, as a reminder of what a good day today is (especially since I know I could get down again tomorrow).

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

Ok, seriously, I should not be allowed access to the internet.

Last night, I started wondering how my OB will get the boys out if they are breech.

I didn't think it would be that bad.

I thought, well, they don't move the incision up, so they must reach in there and flip them around or something. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

All of the videos on youtube showed this same technique. I kept thinking it was taking forever to get the babies out until I realized the video isn't even two minutes long.

32 weeks

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seasonal Affective What????

So, it is 70 degrees today in South Central Kansas. Wahoooooo!!!!

Never have I been more delighted to be working from home in the afternoons, as I have spent the past several hours on my back deck, feet up on a chair facing mine, laptop on pillow on lap, dog by my side, all of us soaking up some Vitamin D in the sun.

I had to call my boss under the guise of finding out how much grief I would catch tomorrow for having a tan, when all I was really doing was gloating.

It is so gorgeous today! So fabulous to listen to the birds, feel the sunlight on my face, and just be outside of my bedroom!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

31W, 5D

For those of you on the edge of your seats, DH returned the final lampshade today, I am finally content with the end product and have returned every non-worthy lamp or shade, and we will speak no more of this. It's a dead topic.

On to window coverings...

Note to self: DO.NOT.EVER. look up 'mucus plug' in yahoo images again!
We had our first biophysical profile this morning, and saw our OB.
OK, next time I am wondering why he is running so late....scratch that, I will NEVER again wonder why he is running so late. We were his first appointment of the day at 8:30am and he was about 50 minutes late getting to the office. I'm sure he had a procedure or rounds at the hospital, and since I want him to go visit me when I'm across the street, there will be no complaints from me. But at least now I know he starts the day that way, its not that all the women with appointments before us were exceptionally chatty or needy.
After I told him about the mucus and wee traces of blood from Sunday, he did an external. DH had just been poking fun of me this morning that I keep trying to show Dr. C my vajayjay but he's not into it. Well, apparently, I said the magic word - blood.
All is well, my cervix is softened, but still plenty long. He thinks I will be pregnant for several more weeks. Whew! He also said I didn't need to worry about calling if it happened again, unless it progressed or was accompanied by contractions.
I asked a lot of questions today.
For example, I now know that if I went into labor today, they
would try to stop it, but not after 34 weeks (March 12th).
I now know that he won't let me go past 38 weeks (April 9th) because he read
some study that says this increases the odds of stillbirth in one of the twins,
and he's just not willing to take that risk so I can say I went into labor
naturally, or that I went full term.
I learned that he will be on vacation visiting his new baby
granddaughter around March 17-18 which is about when I hit 35 weeks, so there is
a chance he won't be here to deliver me if I spontaneously go into labor during
that time.
I also learned that the boys are yet again both breech, and that
every day that passes decreases the liklihood that they will flip over.
I probably asked a bunch of other questions you don't care about but these were the most noteworthy to me.
Oh, and the boys each weigh about 4lbs, 4oz now. But I mysteriously gained about that much in the past week!
While waiting for Dr C this morning, I read an article where a woman said she started using nipple cream during her 3rd trimester and it helped prevent chapping and pain with her 3rd child, so my little self is now the proud owner of some Lansinoh. I'm afraid breastfeeding twins will be too much work - physicallly, emotionally, etc. - so I guess I want every little trick on my side.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Lampshade Saga Continues

I am beginning to wonder what everyone thinks of my obsessions with the small, meaningless parts of the nursery. Like the alarm clock. And now this stupid lampshade. It's a small purchase, and the boys will probably break it before they're two, so why am I so obsessed with these minute details? The answer could be philisophical - like - I'm controlling the material things, because I have so little control over my physical state. Or it could be as simple as - I just am.

On Saturday, I did rest, but not the whole day. I couldn't stand being in this house, alone, for another minute, when I had no medical reason and no doctor's orders to stay in. So, I made four stops in my search for a special gift for the boys, from us. In this pursuit, I bought hangers, some window coverings, and attempted to buy a lampshade.

At K-Mart.

Yes, I had reached the bottom of the barrel. Actually, I had seen this layette online that I thought looked cute, but I wanted to see it in person before I bought it. It was cheaply made, so I did not buy it, but decided to check out the housewares while I was there. Can I just say, YUCK?! Because the carts were original, like old and rusty and dirty skanky disgusting contraptions. Oh, and they had old Venture carts mixed in with the Kmart ones. Does anybody other than me even remember Venture anymore?!

I found an ecru lampshade that is the exact same shape as the bright white one we are trying to replace. Hallelujah! Until I get to the check out, and the woman tells me that I cannot just buy the shade, it comes with a lamp, so I need to buy it with the lamp. I at first tried to argue with her - there were like 5 shades on the shelf, it didn't just get separated, etc. but she as having none of it. So I told her I guess I didn't want it then.

Fast forward to Sunday, when I sent DH back into Kmart to buy the freaking lamp and shade. I tell him to pick out any lamp that comes priced with it. I don't care. Because the little tricky person in me is going to return the lamp with the bright white shade the next day. So, DH does this errand, happy to help, while I sit in the car, proud to be not overdoing it. Except when we get it home, its totally dented on one side. So, he has to go back again today. And then he'll have to go again tomorrow, to return the lamp with the white shade. What a mess! But, before I sent the shade back, I have to admit, I tried it out in the nursery and it looked PERFECT! So, in two more days I can check that particular item off the list.

Bad news is the window coverings are going back today, too. They just didn't work.


I am currently laying on my left side, laptop propped at an angle on pillows. I was supposed to be at a meeting at the office this morning, but I am so nauseas, and my stomach hurts hurts hurts, like my stomach muscles are sore and/or the hurt you have when you have the flu. Trash can beside bed. Misery. I want to do whatever I can to avoid puking. I want to feel better. I'm not really working, so I might have to burn a sick day today. Hoping I will be up to some toast here in a little bit and that will make me feel better, but for now, its sipping water and laying down.
I had a lot of mucous (sorry, TMI) on Sunday morning, so I promptly laid down and other than the two errands which took all of an hour - most of that time spent in the car - spent the entire day in bed watching t.v. or reading. The mucous did not return, and so I don't think it was anything to worry about, but it was definitely more than I've had, reminded me of just before ovulation during a medicated cycle, actually, so I will be mentioning it to my OB tomorrow morning. Fortunately, we see him first thing - sono/biophysical at 7:30am, OB @ 8:30am.

My DH convinced me to continue my shopping yesterday, and we FINALLY found something for the boys that we feel is special and cute and are now slated for their 'take me home' outfits. Apparently, TJ Maxx now carries Ralph Lauren baby clothes. Don't even get me started on how difficult it is to find two of the same item, in the same size at ANY store for these boys, let alone a clearance rack or store like this, but fortunately, there are two stores in our town, so we were able to get these for our boys. Have already washed them and packed them in the hospital bag.

Sorry the pics are not proportionate. The little kimono w/pants are so tiny and when I see them hanging in their closet, they remind me of smurfs! Oh, and I could only find a pic of the solid blue, but we got them in striped white/blue. So cute!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

In My Dreams

So, I have eased up on the hormonal rages, at least while I'm awake.

My crazy dreams this morning (sometime after I moved to the couch @ 3:46am) included a roid rage meltdown at my husband who had bought eggs - no really, like 3 dozen eggs - and had hidden them underneath the meat tray in the fridge. And beside those regular eggs were tiny little quail eggs. I was throwing the eggs onto the kitchen floor and just screaming at him for hiding them from me, or for not using up the ones we already had first, I'm not sure which. Poor guy.

Thanks for all the comments about the nursery. I do love it. We put the cribs end to end so the boys could be near each other, even after they stop co-sleeping. I imagine we will walk in there in the morning, having left them in the middle of their cribs only to find they squirmed their way closer together. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is how I imagine it will be.
I was really afraid I overdid it on Thursday.
I worked at the office until about 4pm.
I had webinars I was conducting, which I could have done from home, but I just like being at the office, and I was just sitting, so I didn't think it mattered. But that night, I think I felt two contractions. Can't be sure because they didn't hurt, and I have a hard time distinguishing movement (which if its a head right under my ribs can make my belly tight) and actual B&H.
Anyway, it was enough to convince me to work from home yesterday - picture me teaching 50 people how to use new system features on a webinar/conference call from bed, in my pajamas, and no bra! It's pretty entertaining.
No noticable contractions last night, but I took some Tylenol PM anyway when I had some weird groin pains which I normally have when standing or sitting, not laying down.
My point in all this is just how crazy I can be when worried. So, the contractions didn't progress. They definitely weren't often enough to call it a pattern - two one night several hours apart, if that's what they were at all! But I still have this fear in the back of my head that I'll go into labor next week, and it will be because of something I set in motion last Thursday by working so long. Irrational? Maybe. But that's just me.
So, today, instead of my normal Saturday routine of grocery shopping at the evil Walmart, I am going to sit in the nursery and read my new John Grisham book. I am not going to walk around that big box store and we will not starve because of it. I can go another day.
And if I make it through tonight worry-free, then I'm going to allow myself to do some shopping for the boys tomorrow. I still have not purchased anything for them that was a splurge item. Yes, if someone bought us an outfit, I would buy another to match. Yes, I filled in the gaps of the recommended number of onesies, receiving blankets, and socks. But I haven't been able to find anything for them just I just had to have, no matter the price, an outfit or a hat or anything that just melted my heart. I don't know what it is, but I need to find some gift for them from me. Something special.
31W, 2D

Thursday, February 19, 2009

31 Weeks

At 31 weeks, I am starting to have homicidal rages.

Mostly, my victim is my DH who cannot seem to do anything right.

I am evil.

But I recognize that I'm raging against him, and I apologize and try to explain away my psychosis.

I have friends who are pregnant who have been like this for months, perhaps he should be grateful it didn't start sooner.

But I don't like feeling this way, or being this person, and I'm sure he would like the old me to return.

I remember my brother saying this about his wife "Can I have my wife back, now?" when she was in her FIRST trimester last fall.

I also slightly screamed at a girl in the McDonald's drive thru at lunch.


Well, it seems silly now.

Which is why I'm blaming the hormones.

Let's just hope we don't have 7 more weeks of this particular pregnancy symptom!

So, to focus on something positive instead of all this negativity, I'm going to go ahead and post pics of the nursery. It's so close to being done, and you'll never know the difference between this bright white lampshade and the ecru one in my dreams. Heck, if I didn't point it out, you might not even notice the lamp. We kept it very simple, because that's our style. I need a few more things for the walls, but imagine I will find them before the boys notice their walls are bare!

Facing the North (boring, I know, but its part of the room):

Facing Southeast (need something for this wall) :
Facing South (pay no attention to the bright white lampshade or the curtain):

Facing West (my favorite part, the wall words, which read Sweet dreams, sleep tight, we love you, good night):

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

30 Weeks, 5 Days ... headed to 38!

I'm so proud of me and my boys!!!

Today, Dr. C told us that ours is the best twin pregnancy he's seen in a long time, as far back as he could remember! This, in response to my asking if we were still aiming for 35 weeks. He said we could easily surpass that, but he won't let me go past 38. Isn't that amazing?!

Now, I know, that in reality, these boys could come tonight. But based on all his years in practice, my OB, who also happens to be THEE high risk OB in our modest town of 300,000 people, thinks that we're doing great and that We.Could.Go.All.The.Way!!!! Considering that my strongest desire right now is to avoid the NICU, well, then that was pretty much music to my ears!

He said I could keep up my 1/2 day schedule at work, and thinks its good for me mentally. He also switched me to weekly appointments and biophysicals starting next week.

He has not checked my cervix since week 8, and said he probably won't unless we see more activity (i.e. contractions or bleeding).

In other news, DH installed the car seats in my vehicle last night. And my baby car has shrunk! Given our recent moved back due date, it may seem premature, but its just one less thing I have to worry about, so I can spend more time focusing on the important stuff ... like lampshades ;-)

Monday, February 16, 2009

30 Weeks, 4 Days

Have discovered that I am SO not motivated to work right now. And when I can summon the energy to focus, its not my normal hours of crazy productivity...its like...maybe an hour...maybe 90 minutes. So, I watch Bringing Home Baby and then work for a little while. Then maybe I get a snack and watch The Real World while I eat, and then maybe I answer some emails, which may or may not be work-related. Focus...where have you gone?

Also, the boys (I hope its both of them and not just babyA) have been SO active today. I was so worried about them yesterday because they had been idle. I even had their father given them a stern lecture about worrying their mother, reminding them to kick on demand, and try to avoid the cervix while they're at it. Well, today, they have been active all day. Not just here and there, but almost constantly and everywhere. And Baby A had his first case of the hiccups. At least it was the first time I had noticed it. So, whew! I'm relieved they're okay.

When they weren't moving, of course, my mind went to the worst possible outcome - cord accident. And I just got so depressed thinking that we could still lose them. After every milestone. Life is so fragile, and there is just always so much that could go wrong. At this point, I don't know how I would go on without them. They are so much a part of my life, already.

But they have moved, and so I need to be happy in that, and not focus so much on all that COULD go wrong, but instead on all that HAS and IS going right.


Last weekend, I missed my BFF/T's wedding in Mexico. One of two tropical destination weddings I am missing for the twins. I was looking at pictures on facebook, reveling in the fact that she now has a different last name, and all of this went on while I was laying in bed, when I wasn't there. It made me very sad to miss it. I know it will all be worth it for the boys. I know it. But I still feel a little left out. Hurt that this big event happened without me. (Why yes, I am the center of the earth.)


I have an OB appointment tomorrow at 9am. Hoping to avoid strict bedrest yet again. I have seen no physical symptom that would necessitate such an action. But I never know what's going on in his head. And I definitely want to make it to his goal (35 weeks) if not mine (37). So, I will be compliant if that's what he wants. Although, I will probably try to get him to give me permission to be out and about at least an hour a day so I could run to the office to pick up / drop off documents or at least see another human other than DH. Wish me luck!

Oh, and you remember the great alarm clock search of January, well, it has been replaced with the ever so frustrating lamp(shade) odyssey of February. The score is currently Lamps - 2, Keepers - 0.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am already two hours behind my 'normal' Saturday morning schedule. I should already have done my weekly grocery shopping and have it all put away, but I'm having a case of the lazies, I guess.

For the past hour, I have been reading the archives of this blog - a single woman with twin boys who are now 6 months old, born at 32 weeks, I think. The REALITY of twin infants. Oh my! While I was worried that I would not be able to nurse because my body just wouldn't do it or the boys just won't latch, I never considered that it might just be too much work. Her perspective is so real, and so genuine, and yet she remains committed all this time. She is an inspiration, and yet I hope our journey is not so fraught with setbacks. I don't think I could summon her tenacity when it comes to breast feeding.

Am I naive to believe that my REALITY will be any different than hers? Will having a husband make it so much easier? He will go to work. I will be alone. I know it doesn't last forever, and she seems to be past the worst of it, but I just trusted her perspective. She wasn't all polly anna or doom's day. It just was VERY.DIFFICULT the first few weeks or months.

I began to wonder how would I be able to go back to work if feeding and comforting the boys was still so difficult? But then, I think to myself, perhaps work will become a refuge where I can get some time away from crying needy babies, and regroup, so that I can appreciate them when I return. Maybe. Or maybe not.

So far, my plan has been to play it by ear. There is no way I can plan for this, so why bother. The president of our company was asking me about this yesterday. He's so indirect, I finally figured out he meant had I found daycare, but all I heard was that they're all still worried I'll never come back. The best way I could answer is a line I stole from another blog - I just don't think I'm wired to stay home. Will I go back at 6 weeks, or 12, or something in between? Will I not check my voicemail or email for 6 days or 6 weeks? So much depends on when they arrive. And how healthy they are. I can't imagine this - but what if I can't tear myself away?

It's so not like me to not have a plan. But how can you plan for life with twins? How can you plan for something you have so little control over. Most of the time, I know, I live in this somewhat deluded state where I believe I'm in control. If you are faithful like me, you know deep down that God is always in control, but yet we can feel in control with a to-do list or a clean house. Order somehow equals control.

Anyway, the last thing from this woman's blog that has really got me thinking today is just how desperately I want these boys to stay inside, to continue their gestation for as long as possible. I don't want to overdo it, I want to lay on my left side and give them all the nurturing my body was designed to give them. I absolutely do not want them to spend days or weeks in the NICU away from me. I really need to try harder. I may have premature labor anyway. My water could break the next time I stand up to go potty. But I have to do what I can to keep them safe.

Friday, February 13, 2009

30 Weeks, 1 Day

Well, here we are, another week gone without my posting. And another week milestone in this pregnancy. 30 Weeks. Wow. And yay for me and my boys!

I am doing well. Still working half days. Still resting in the afternoons. Sort of.

I sleep better some nights than others (general insomnia, but also hip pain, potty breaks, heartburn). I am usually fine all day. This week, I had swollen ankles two nights and I've been having some nausea in the middle of the night and also first thing in the morning. I still haven't puked! But I don't like to wake up that way. The good thing about the sleep issues is that it hasn't really made me more tired. I may be irritated or crying out in pain, but I eventually do get back to sleep and I never do seem to feel tired the next day.

I am beginning to fear that the movements I 'thought' were baby stretches are actually B&H contractions, or worse, the real thing. I read about symptoms very similar to mine on another friend's blog, and am now going to pay more attention to them. Maybe even keep track of how often.

This week, I was a manic pregnant woman with baby errands. After my second shower last weekend, I made a list of the 'recommended' supplies versus what we had received and became determined to fill in the gaps. Thankfully, I had received gift cards to cover most all of these items. I maybe only spent $200 of our own money, which I thought was wonderful.

I don't even want to admit how many times I went to BRU figuring out the 'perfect' bedding configuration for the nursery (mattress pad? sheet saver? ultimate sheet saver? etc.). I've either experienced a shift in hormones or worn myself down, because the errands remaining on my list don't seem quite as pressing as they did earlier in the week. If I could just find the 'right' window covering and lampshade, I could finally share a pic of the nursery. Maybe next week...

My goal for this weekend is to finish making and writing thank you's from last week's shower, to get batteries for our various baby electronics (swings, monitor, etc.) and to finish up washing their clothes. Oh, and I need to work like 5 hours tomorrow because I have been a slacker this week and spent my afternoons obsessing about baby stuff rather than actual work.

Friday, February 6, 2009

29 Weeks, 1 Day

At our sono this week, the boys each weighed approximately 3 1/2 pounds. They were both feet down (which explains the strong kicks to the baby maker last week!). And are still doing well. Dr. C is giving me another two weeks before I have to go back. It was a pretty quiet visit. Which is just fine with me.

I made it through a very hectic week. A week when I disobeyed my 4 hour rule and worked two full days in the office so I could attend some very important training. The week I just felt like I needed to make it through before full time bed rest was imposed on me. So, yay for me!

I actually wasn't that tired after the full days. And my back didn't hurt at all those days. I sat in my very expensive office chair pulled into the conference room, with my feet up on another chair, and ate lots of yummy snacks, so I don't *think* it was that different than being at home, except I would have rather been in my pajamas!

Dr C can put me on bed rest at any time now and I will feel like I've made it. Anything else that needs done can wait til I'm ready to come back or I can do via laptop. I'm one very happy camper.


We hit 29 weeks yesterday, another wonderful milestone. Which means, if Dr. C is correct, I have just six more short weeks before my boys arrive. And although you might think that would send me into a tailspin of diaper purchases and car seat installation, I instead have focused on the fact that I need to really enjoy eating for the next few weeks. Since I passed that GTT, well, then I should definitely have ice cream for dinner, if that's what sounds good.
Because when those boys get here, then, well, I see a lot of chicken and lettuce in my future!


Have hopefully made the third, and final alarm clock purchase. I ended up spending way more than I care to admit. But, the CD player works (what a novel concept!), and its actually smaller and cuter than the others. You all like pictures, so, I know its just an alarm clock, but behold, the third and final alarm clock for my boys. The ipod dock slides into the back of it, so unless I have my ipod in the nursery, it will just look round. I tested it out with some Baby Mozart this afternoon, and was very pleased.

Tonight, DH and I are going to see He's Just Not That Into You. Tomorrow is my second and final shower, and also my 32nd birthday (which is how I convinced DH to let me drag him to a chick flick on a Friday night!). Sunday will be the in-laws at our house for dinner to celebrate my birthday (they're bringing the food), and also we have to take our own treats to work on our birthdays, so I will be making some sort of surgary confection for 60ish people to take to work on Monday.
For those of you who gave advice, or remember me requesting advice on what to get DH for when the boys arrive, I *think* that I have decided on the following: a new wallet - which he needs and has not had time to shop for - filled with gift cards to local restaurants where he likes to get takeout. That way, he gets a new wallet which he can carry for years, but he also gets take out when I would otherwise be shutting him down and griping about the expense since we now have to pay for diapers, daycare, wipes, etc. etc. etc.
And so the search for the perfect new wallet begins....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? I can't believe its been a week since I updated. Well, I guess not much has happened this week, or I've been feeling emotionally secure and not needing the outlet this blog provides.

The reality of pre-term labor sunk in last week as my friend @ Faithful Infertile informed me that her twin girls were born at 26 weeks, 1 day. It sounds like they are all doing well (Praise God!) but its super scary nonetheless. We share the same RE's office, and I believe her transfer was 8 days after mine, so we've been keeping track of each other all along. If she could have her babies this soon, then certainly I could, too! DH has not been dealing with that reality too well. Every time I mention it, he says, "I'll freak out" which may be true, but I keep reminding him that I'm the hormonal one and he doesn't have that luxury. I need him to be strong. So, almost daily I have been warning him the twins could come today. I'm hoping to normalize the reality of this for him.

I had my first shower on Saturday, which was just the most foreign experience, I must say. I had given up on us having our own children, of me ever being pregnant. I didn't dream of this day, because I never thought it would happen for me, but there I was surrounded by DH's family and a few of my friends, receiving baby clothes, and a gazillion other gadgets, books, and toiletries. It was a lovely afternoon, but surreal, and over entirely too soon. Oh, and our house shrunk as soon as DH unloaded my car. We have baby stuff in every room now, literally. Car seats. Extra bases. Bath stuff.

As of today, we are 28 weeks, 4 days. We have a sono tomorrow and appointment with OB after that. I mainly want to hear about the results of my gestational diabetes test, have his blessing to work half days for another 1-2 weeks (please, oh please at least til this Friday!) and also check to be sure he's still thinking we're aiming for 35 weeks (or more if I'm a good girl).

Still no cramps, contractions, or other signs of anything going on in there, so I'm thankful for that. I continue to have hip pain and leg cramps at night, back pain during the day. Both are manageable and really nothing to complain about.

Oh, and I've been O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with making my own thank you cards. So, I spent the majority of my upright time yesterday making up a prototype and then creating a little card assembly line. I got enough done to cover the gifts we've received so far, but should probably head back into my scrapbooking room to plug away on some more - I have an even bigger shower this Saturday. I'm sharing a picture, because I'm so proud of how they've turned out.