Saturday, February 21, 2009

In My Dreams

So, I have eased up on the hormonal rages, at least while I'm awake.

My crazy dreams this morning (sometime after I moved to the couch @ 3:46am) included a roid rage meltdown at my husband who had bought eggs - no really, like 3 dozen eggs - and had hidden them underneath the meat tray in the fridge. And beside those regular eggs were tiny little quail eggs. I was throwing the eggs onto the kitchen floor and just screaming at him for hiding them from me, or for not using up the ones we already had first, I'm not sure which. Poor guy.

Thanks for all the comments about the nursery. I do love it. We put the cribs end to end so the boys could be near each other, even after they stop co-sleeping. I imagine we will walk in there in the morning, having left them in the middle of their cribs only to find they squirmed their way closer together. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is how I imagine it will be.
I was really afraid I overdid it on Thursday.
I worked at the office until about 4pm.
I had webinars I was conducting, which I could have done from home, but I just like being at the office, and I was just sitting, so I didn't think it mattered. But that night, I think I felt two contractions. Can't be sure because they didn't hurt, and I have a hard time distinguishing movement (which if its a head right under my ribs can make my belly tight) and actual B&H.
Anyway, it was enough to convince me to work from home yesterday - picture me teaching 50 people how to use new system features on a webinar/conference call from bed, in my pajamas, and no bra! It's pretty entertaining.
No noticable contractions last night, but I took some Tylenol PM anyway when I had some weird groin pains which I normally have when standing or sitting, not laying down.
My point in all this is just how crazy I can be when worried. So, the contractions didn't progress. They definitely weren't often enough to call it a pattern - two one night several hours apart, if that's what they were at all! But I still have this fear in the back of my head that I'll go into labor next week, and it will be because of something I set in motion last Thursday by working so long. Irrational? Maybe. But that's just me.
So, today, instead of my normal Saturday routine of grocery shopping at the evil Walmart, I am going to sit in the nursery and read my new John Grisham book. I am not going to walk around that big box store and we will not starve because of it. I can go another day.
And if I make it through tonight worry-free, then I'm going to allow myself to do some shopping for the boys tomorrow. I still have not purchased anything for them that was a splurge item. Yes, if someone bought us an outfit, I would buy another to match. Yes, I filled in the gaps of the recommended number of onesies, receiving blankets, and socks. But I haven't been able to find anything for them just I just had to have, no matter the price, an outfit or a hat or anything that just melted my heart. I don't know what it is, but I need to find some gift for them from me. Something special.
31W, 2D


Jess to the Lo said...

I did not carry twins, but I had the same anxiety that you are having. I actually went into prelabor about this time with my baby girl, only I thought I was having cramps. The Drs were able to stop the labor and my body relaxed and everything closed and went to were it should be. I was on bedrest for almost four weeks as a precaution though. I do not think you are overreacting, I should have been more worried than I was, I might have noticed things sooner! Hang in there and keep us all posted.

JamieD said...

Stay in bed! Yup - I think a tucked in, reading John Grisham Saturday is just what you need.

I like the idea of getting the boys something 'from you.' Let us know what you decide on!

Jill said...

Oh, please take it easy! Stay in bed/nursery and read book, but don't overdo it. :-)