Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

What kind of IF blog would this be if I didn't reference the holiday in honor of everything that I am not - Mother's Day?!
A guy (yes, that's right, a MAN) in our Sunday School class turns to me this morning and says, and I quote, "What about you guys? This is Mother's Day. How are you doing? What's going on with your stuff?" For a guy (no offense to anyone who does not feel the same), a father of 3 who had no problem getting his wife prego, I find this highly evolved. Ultra-sensitive and perceptive - that he would realize this day could be hard for someone like me. I told him I was okay, told him we were looking forward to IVF at the end of July, enjoying the time off, feeling better and normal, and thanked him for asking.
Do you always thank people for asking? Because I ALWAYS thank people for asking. I am longing to talk about my ovaries and uterus and barren womb. And the last call I made to the nurse. And the twinge I felt earlier that might be the cyst on my ovary or perhaps gas. And the worry that this cycle won't work. Or the fear that this cycle will get cancelled and we'll lose all the money we set aside in my FSA. But I don't want to use my friends and acquaintances as therapists. So, I don't normally volunteer or bring it up unless someone asks. So, today, I am grateful for this man at church, who was so considerate and so kind as to ask me about how I was experiencing the day. How cool is that?!
The rest of my Mother's Day was pretty relaxing. DH and I laid on the couch watching the first season of 'Boston Legal' on DVD for most of the afternoon. I have to admit I nodded off more
than once. And then I had to leave, to drive to ... wait for it ... Garden City, KS ... for work. Although I enjoy a good road trip (it was just under 4 hours to get here), we had just driven to KC and back yesterday (6 hours), so I'm kind of road tripped out. AND if you've never had the pleasure of visiting this part of the country, there is a unique aroma (read: mouth-puking stench) from the bajillion acres of feed lots. And that makes me...a Team Player. Make a note. My review comes up next year in March, and I will be listing this personal sacrifice among others - gave up major holiday at home to travel to GARDEN CITY, manure capital of the world! Team Player. (spoken in my best Denny Crane voice and clip).
p.s. Trip to KC yesterday was to pick up my new family-friendly and oh-so-not-eco-friendly SUV. Which I love so much I had a hard time leaving it behind and taking my company car out here to GC. Did I mention I love it???? Here's a pic, so you can love it, too! Only its even more bad a** now because they added side steps and because its sitting in MY garage ;-)

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