Tuesday, February 24, 2009

31W, 5D

For those of you on the edge of your seats, DH returned the final lampshade today, I am finally content with the end product and have returned every non-worthy lamp or shade, and we will speak no more of this. It's a dead topic.

On to window coverings...

Note to self: DO.NOT.EVER. look up 'mucus plug' in yahoo images again!
We had our first biophysical profile this morning, and saw our OB.
OK, next time I am wondering why he is running so late....scratch that, I will NEVER again wonder why he is running so late. We were his first appointment of the day at 8:30am and he was about 50 minutes late getting to the office. I'm sure he had a procedure or rounds at the hospital, and since I want him to go visit me when I'm across the street, there will be no complaints from me. But at least now I know he starts the day that way, its not that all the women with appointments before us were exceptionally chatty or needy.
After I told him about the mucus and wee traces of blood from Sunday, he did an external. DH had just been poking fun of me this morning that I keep trying to show Dr. C my vajayjay but he's not into it. Well, apparently, I said the magic word - blood.
All is well, my cervix is softened, but still plenty long. He thinks I will be pregnant for several more weeks. Whew! He also said I didn't need to worry about calling if it happened again, unless it progressed or was accompanied by contractions.
I asked a lot of questions today.
For example, I now know that if I went into labor today, they
would try to stop it, but not after 34 weeks (March 12th).
I now know that he won't let me go past 38 weeks (April 9th) because he read
some study that says this increases the odds of stillbirth in one of the twins,
and he's just not willing to take that risk so I can say I went into labor
naturally, or that I went full term.
I learned that he will be on vacation visiting his new baby
granddaughter around March 17-18 which is about when I hit 35 weeks, so there is
a chance he won't be here to deliver me if I spontaneously go into labor during
that time.
I also learned that the boys are yet again both breech, and that
every day that passes decreases the liklihood that they will flip over.
I probably asked a bunch of other questions you don't care about but these were the most noteworthy to me.
Oh, and the boys each weigh about 4lbs, 4oz now. But I mysteriously gained about that much in the past week!
While waiting for Dr C this morning, I read an article where a woman said she started using nipple cream during her 3rd trimester and it helped prevent chapping and pain with her 3rd child, so my little self is now the proud owner of some Lansinoh. I'm afraid breastfeeding twins will be too much work - physicallly, emotionally, etc. - so I guess I want every little trick on my side.


Jess to the Lo said...

One breastfeeding trick that my husband learned at a 'new daddy class' was if you express a little milk and rub it onto your nipple area before the baby latches on it actually decreases the pain; since breastmilk has whatever it is in it that helps ease pain.

It worked VERY well for me, and I pass it on to all who might be interested.

Glad the lampshade saga worked out so well! :D It's the little details that add up to a full beautiful picture.

JamieD said...

Glad the lampshades are worked out!

You sound so very organized - I need to make a list of questions for my doc. Nothing super important but I know if I don't write them down I'll walk out of her office hitting myself on the forehead going, "Doh!"

sushilover said...

Good questions for your Doc! Yes mine said the same about stillbirth...that's why she set my c-section for 37 weeks. And thanks for the mucus plug warning...you know I now have to look. Darn it!