Tuesday, February 17, 2009

30 Weeks, 5 Days ... headed to 38!

I'm so proud of me and my boys!!!

Today, Dr. C told us that ours is the best twin pregnancy he's seen in a long time, as far back as he could remember! This, in response to my asking if we were still aiming for 35 weeks. He said we could easily surpass that, but he won't let me go past 38. Isn't that amazing?!

Now, I know, that in reality, these boys could come tonight. But based on all his years in practice, my OB, who also happens to be THEE high risk OB in our modest town of 300,000 people, thinks that we're doing great and that We.Could.Go.All.The.Way!!!! Considering that my strongest desire right now is to avoid the NICU, well, then that was pretty much music to my ears!

He said I could keep up my 1/2 day schedule at work, and thinks its good for me mentally. He also switched me to weekly appointments and biophysicals starting next week.

He has not checked my cervix since week 8, and said he probably won't unless we see more activity (i.e. contractions or bleeding).

In other news, DH installed the car seats in my vehicle last night. And my baby car has shrunk! Given our recent moved back due date, it may seem premature, but its just one less thing I have to worry about, so I can spend more time focusing on the important stuff ... like lampshades ;-)


JamieD said...

Woo-hoo!! What great news!!

I did enjoy the Bringing Home Baby marathon today. I especially like to roll my eyes at the parents and talk about how ~I~ would never do those things when I know in my heart the first 48 hours will be a disaster. I picture Hubby & I coming home, setting the baby in the floor and saying to each other, "What now?"

Pepper said...

What a fantastic appointment! Congrats. :-)

She said...

What great news for you! Yay!

Soralis said...

Sounds great! Good luck!

(Ha Ha to the car seats, my hubby installed ours in the hospital parking lot!)