Thursday, February 19, 2009

31 Weeks

At 31 weeks, I am starting to have homicidal rages.

Mostly, my victim is my DH who cannot seem to do anything right.

I am evil.

But I recognize that I'm raging against him, and I apologize and try to explain away my psychosis.

I have friends who are pregnant who have been like this for months, perhaps he should be grateful it didn't start sooner.

But I don't like feeling this way, or being this person, and I'm sure he would like the old me to return.

I remember my brother saying this about his wife "Can I have my wife back, now?" when she was in her FIRST trimester last fall.

I also slightly screamed at a girl in the McDonald's drive thru at lunch.


Well, it seems silly now.

Which is why I'm blaming the hormones.

Let's just hope we don't have 7 more weeks of this particular pregnancy symptom!

So, to focus on something positive instead of all this negativity, I'm going to go ahead and post pics of the nursery. It's so close to being done, and you'll never know the difference between this bright white lampshade and the ecru one in my dreams. Heck, if I didn't point it out, you might not even notice the lamp. We kept it very simple, because that's our style. I need a few more things for the walls, but imagine I will find them before the boys notice their walls are bare!

Facing the North (boring, I know, but its part of the room):

Facing Southeast (need something for this wall) :
Facing South (pay no attention to the bright white lampshade or the curtain):

Facing West (my favorite part, the wall words, which read Sweet dreams, sleep tight, we love you, good night):


JamieD said...

What lamp?

(Just kidding!)

I had a weird day Tuesday. It started with buying my 2009 car tag and finding out that my state redesigned our license plates so they are making everyone switch them out.

It was completely irrational how upset I got over the thought of having to memorize a new license plate number. And the day just got worse.

Jess to the Lo said...


Saffy said...

Now's that's what I call a classy nursery - what lucky LUCKY little people :) The cots look fantastic how you've positioned them. Congrats on a job well done (ignoring the lamp and the curtain :p)

She said...

Love the quote you chose.

Seriously? - Erin said...

Oh love the nursery! How exciting 31 weeks already, here's to 7 more weeks free of hormonal rage.

BTW, with my own hormonal rage I seem to take everything everyone says as I can't do anything right, which in turn leads to more crying.

Blue said...

Congrats on reaching 31 weeks! Major achievement!
Yea I know the pregnancy rage too...but put it down to being permanently uncomfortable (back ache, rib ache)and tired (why is my bed now so uncomfortable?), so you have double the excuse with the twins taking over your body. I'm sure your hubby gets it and will forgive you.
Love the nursery too, looks absolutely great.
7 weeks and counting....

Pepper said...

The room is just gorgeous! I love the way the cribs are arranged. It looks as if they're the same unit.

G$ said...

I love those cribs! Very nice room, lucky little boys :)