Monday, February 23, 2009

The Lampshade Saga Continues

I am beginning to wonder what everyone thinks of my obsessions with the small, meaningless parts of the nursery. Like the alarm clock. And now this stupid lampshade. It's a small purchase, and the boys will probably break it before they're two, so why am I so obsessed with these minute details? The answer could be philisophical - like - I'm controlling the material things, because I have so little control over my physical state. Or it could be as simple as - I just am.

On Saturday, I did rest, but not the whole day. I couldn't stand being in this house, alone, for another minute, when I had no medical reason and no doctor's orders to stay in. So, I made four stops in my search for a special gift for the boys, from us. In this pursuit, I bought hangers, some window coverings, and attempted to buy a lampshade.

At K-Mart.

Yes, I had reached the bottom of the barrel. Actually, I had seen this layette online that I thought looked cute, but I wanted to see it in person before I bought it. It was cheaply made, so I did not buy it, but decided to check out the housewares while I was there. Can I just say, YUCK?! Because the carts were original, like old and rusty and dirty skanky disgusting contraptions. Oh, and they had old Venture carts mixed in with the Kmart ones. Does anybody other than me even remember Venture anymore?!

I found an ecru lampshade that is the exact same shape as the bright white one we are trying to replace. Hallelujah! Until I get to the check out, and the woman tells me that I cannot just buy the shade, it comes with a lamp, so I need to buy it with the lamp. I at first tried to argue with her - there were like 5 shades on the shelf, it didn't just get separated, etc. but she as having none of it. So I told her I guess I didn't want it then.

Fast forward to Sunday, when I sent DH back into Kmart to buy the freaking lamp and shade. I tell him to pick out any lamp that comes priced with it. I don't care. Because the little tricky person in me is going to return the lamp with the bright white shade the next day. So, DH does this errand, happy to help, while I sit in the car, proud to be not overdoing it. Except when we get it home, its totally dented on one side. So, he has to go back again today. And then he'll have to go again tomorrow, to return the lamp with the white shade. What a mess! But, before I sent the shade back, I have to admit, I tried it out in the nursery and it looked PERFECT! So, in two more days I can check that particular item off the list.

Bad news is the window coverings are going back today, too. They just didn't work.


I am currently laying on my left side, laptop propped at an angle on pillows. I was supposed to be at a meeting at the office this morning, but I am so nauseas, and my stomach hurts hurts hurts, like my stomach muscles are sore and/or the hurt you have when you have the flu. Trash can beside bed. Misery. I want to do whatever I can to avoid puking. I want to feel better. I'm not really working, so I might have to burn a sick day today. Hoping I will be up to some toast here in a little bit and that will make me feel better, but for now, its sipping water and laying down.
I had a lot of mucous (sorry, TMI) on Sunday morning, so I promptly laid down and other than the two errands which took all of an hour - most of that time spent in the car - spent the entire day in bed watching t.v. or reading. The mucous did not return, and so I don't think it was anything to worry about, but it was definitely more than I've had, reminded me of just before ovulation during a medicated cycle, actually, so I will be mentioning it to my OB tomorrow morning. Fortunately, we see him first thing - sono/biophysical at 7:30am, OB @ 8:30am.

My DH convinced me to continue my shopping yesterday, and we FINALLY found something for the boys that we feel is special and cute and are now slated for their 'take me home' outfits. Apparently, TJ Maxx now carries Ralph Lauren baby clothes. Don't even get me started on how difficult it is to find two of the same item, in the same size at ANY store for these boys, let alone a clearance rack or store like this, but fortunately, there are two stores in our town, so we were able to get these for our boys. Have already washed them and packed them in the hospital bag.

Sorry the pics are not proportionate. The little kimono w/pants are so tiny and when I see them hanging in their closet, they remind me of smurfs! Oh, and I could only find a pic of the solid blue, but we got them in striped white/blue. So cute!

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JamieD said...

Hey - there are worse things you could be obsessing over. And to be completely honest, I have been in the same type of situation as the 'you have to buy the lamp with the lampshade' that I just want to outsmart the stupid lady and have the satisfaction of WINNING. I know, it's not healthy.

I love the sweater and hat - cute, cute, cute!!