Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seasonal Affective What????

So, it is 70 degrees today in South Central Kansas. Wahoooooo!!!!

Never have I been more delighted to be working from home in the afternoons, as I have spent the past several hours on my back deck, feet up on a chair facing mine, laptop on pillow on lap, dog by my side, all of us soaking up some Vitamin D in the sun.

I had to call my boss under the guise of finding out how much grief I would catch tomorrow for having a tan, when all I was really doing was gloating.

It is so gorgeous today! So fabulous to listen to the birds, feel the sunlight on my face, and just be outside of my bedroom!


G$ said...

dude I almost have to remove you from my Reader for this post. I am totally drinking the haterade!


Pepper said...

Pour me a glass of that haterade too cuz I'm all green about the image of relaxing in the back yard on a beautiful day instead of being in the office. :-)

JamieD said...

It was a beautiful day here in Oklahoma, too. Funny - it started off cool and foggy but by 1pm it was 70 degrees outside.

Sadly, the high on Saturday is 35. Sometimes I hate this stupid state.