Friday, February 6, 2009

29 Weeks, 1 Day

At our sono this week, the boys each weighed approximately 3 1/2 pounds. They were both feet down (which explains the strong kicks to the baby maker last week!). And are still doing well. Dr. C is giving me another two weeks before I have to go back. It was a pretty quiet visit. Which is just fine with me.

I made it through a very hectic week. A week when I disobeyed my 4 hour rule and worked two full days in the office so I could attend some very important training. The week I just felt like I needed to make it through before full time bed rest was imposed on me. So, yay for me!

I actually wasn't that tired after the full days. And my back didn't hurt at all those days. I sat in my very expensive office chair pulled into the conference room, with my feet up on another chair, and ate lots of yummy snacks, so I don't *think* it was that different than being at home, except I would have rather been in my pajamas!

Dr C can put me on bed rest at any time now and I will feel like I've made it. Anything else that needs done can wait til I'm ready to come back or I can do via laptop. I'm one very happy camper.


We hit 29 weeks yesterday, another wonderful milestone. Which means, if Dr. C is correct, I have just six more short weeks before my boys arrive. And although you might think that would send me into a tailspin of diaper purchases and car seat installation, I instead have focused on the fact that I need to really enjoy eating for the next few weeks. Since I passed that GTT, well, then I should definitely have ice cream for dinner, if that's what sounds good.
Because when those boys get here, then, well, I see a lot of chicken and lettuce in my future!


Have hopefully made the third, and final alarm clock purchase. I ended up spending way more than I care to admit. But, the CD player works (what a novel concept!), and its actually smaller and cuter than the others. You all like pictures, so, I know its just an alarm clock, but behold, the third and final alarm clock for my boys. The ipod dock slides into the back of it, so unless I have my ipod in the nursery, it will just look round. I tested it out with some Baby Mozart this afternoon, and was very pleased.

Tonight, DH and I are going to see He's Just Not That Into You. Tomorrow is my second and final shower, and also my 32nd birthday (which is how I convinced DH to let me drag him to a chick flick on a Friday night!). Sunday will be the in-laws at our house for dinner to celebrate my birthday (they're bringing the food), and also we have to take our own treats to work on our birthdays, so I will be making some sort of surgary confection for 60ish people to take to work on Monday.
For those of you who gave advice, or remember me requesting advice on what to get DH for when the boys arrive, I *think* that I have decided on the following: a new wallet - which he needs and has not had time to shop for - filled with gift cards to local restaurants where he likes to get takeout. That way, he gets a new wallet which he can carry for years, but he also gets take out when I would otherwise be shutting him down and griping about the expense since we now have to pay for diapers, daycare, wipes, etc. etc. etc.
And so the search for the perfect new wallet begins....


Jess to the Lo said...

I'm liking the wallet idea but I'm LOVING the gift card idea! Especially right after the boys arrive, I am sure that those gift cards will come in handy.

Soralis said...

Congrats on passing 29 weeks! Good luck with the rest of your PG!

sushilover said...

oh crap! I have to give HIM something? I thought it was just the mom that gets a "push" gift. Or in the case of twins is this just a bribe to take over more feedings? To which I'd be all for... ;)