Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poor old Sarah Palin

So, I survived the glucose test today. Yay me! It was sugary. And I was a little light headed in the waiting room, but I just stopped reading the icky old issue of Newsweek, and sipped on some bottled water I had brought.

OB once again warned me that bed rest is imminent, but is allowing me to continue the 4 hour at-work days for now. My current goal is to make it until at least February 6th which is my last big meeting. Pretty please with sugar on top! Oh, maybe not sugar. Better wait til I get my glucose results back first!

But back to the Newsweek article. This is SO old news, since the magazine hit the stands back on October 8th, I think, and President Obama was inaugurated today, I know, I get it, but they have really old magazines there and I didn't have anything else to do during my hour-long wait.

Anyway, it was the absolute worst picture of Sarah Palin - you could see faint black lines of a moustache growing in, plus stray eyebrows that had probably been plucked two weeks ago, but were now growing back. SO not flattering and this copy and paste I'm giving you simple will not do it justice, I'm sure...

Just had to share.
I'm off to put the boys' bookcase/storage unit together that DH picked up last night. Progress!
Oh, and I've got a visit scheduled with a potential daycare provider tomorrow afternoon. I just loved her on the phone. Wish me luck!


JamieD said...

That sounds like my OB's waiting room. I refuse to read the parenting magazines so all that leaves are really old Newsweeks. But, to be honest, I watch so little TV most of it is news to me.

Good luck with the day care interview!

Soralis said...

I thought that all magazines were into retouching photographs!

Good luck with your interview!