Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Day of Bed Rest

Okay, so today is my first official day of working 4 hours at the office and then resting/working 4 hours from home.

I've been home about 3 hours now. Resting, I can do. Working from here is oh so difficult.

Don't get me wrong. I've responded to every email and every phone call I've received. I've even been working ahead on projects I know will come due when I will be on maternity leave. But today is not a banner day. I am not a top performer.

In the last 3 hours, I have cheated the company in the following ways:
  • made personal calls and emails to lock in a killer rate on refinancing our house.
  • talked to my husband about 3 times, when I normally forbid him from pestering me at the office (we are a bad combo today as he knows I am home, and I know he is on a long road trip).
  • checked out the infant clothing sale at 0ldnavy.c0m.
  • ran the dishwasher.
  • reserved a book at the public library.
  • read all of my blogs on google reader.
  • am now updating my own blog.
  • and plan to call a potential daycare provider when I'm done!

Tomorrow, I am working a few more hours, so the bed rest portion of my day will be shorter. And I'm going to plan better for tomorrow. I have a book on order from amazon that is for work, that I can read when it gets here, plus I have one in my office that I want to review for one of my strategic plans. But seriously?! its slow and boring and painful to be alone in this house. Clausterphobic even. I WANT TO GO TO WORK!

Yes, I recognize I am just pouting and I should be grateful that I can go to work at least part time for now. So, please just give me this one day of pouting. I promise to have a plan of attack and be much more cooperative tomorrow......


She said...

Pouting or not, I actually found your "to-did" list pretty amusing. Who HASN'T occasionally taken some time out of their work day for some personal business. (Although I can say that I've never loaded the dishwasher on the job...)

Jess to the Lo said...

It is really hard to work while at home! When my husband did it we had to have a separate bedroom for him to use as his office and we had to shut the door and he could basically only come out for lunch and bathroom breaks! It was like we almost had to lock him in there alone. We learned that he works far better away from the house.

G$ said...

Wait I do that stuff and I am not on bed rest... if it's wrong, I don't want to be right!

Pepper said...

Could you send some of that work ethic over here? Cuz I ain't feeling it.

I hope it gets easier

Silver said...

Go ahead and pout! Bed rest sucks!

I am sure you have already more than made up for your dishwasher time at work! :)

Take care and good luck!