Thursday, January 22, 2009

27 Weeks!

We are 27 weeks today. And I am continually amazed that I am indeed pregnant, that this indeed my life, preparing for the arrival of these boys and the fact that I'm already a mom. I'm a mom. I'm pregnant! This is really happening to me!

The visit to the potential daycare provider went well. Next step is to call her references. Should probably figure out what I want to ask them first. And even if we don't go with her, I've got the first home visit under my belt, and I feel empowered to go and visit other homes. I liked her a lot, but I guess I want to make sure I've checked out all our options...

The boys' alarm clock arrived today, and is now set up in their room. A small, but important step. DH is excited that the numbers are large enough he'll be able to read it without his glasses on. I think they're obnoxiously huge, but would be terribly shallow to return it now that he's made that particular point, wouldn't I? So, it stays.

The receptionist at my office brought the boys gifts today - two bibs, two bottles, and two little spoons, all emblazoned with one of our vendor logos on them. So super cute! She said she just wanted to thank me, because when she was pregnant several years ago and was having difficulties, I always reassured her that her job was secure and she should take care of herself. Really?! I did that?! Anyway, I was touched.

And now, for a little griping about Target...I saw a coupon in the Sunday paper for a $10 gift card if you brought them a new prescription. I knew I would be getting a new RX for my pre-natals, as my RX from my RE would expire and had no more refills, so I waited to take it there. They didn't have it in stock, so said I could pick it up today after 2pm. I go tonight with DH and they hadn't even ordered it yet, because there were several kinds and they weren't sure which one I needed. They had their answer from my OB but mysteriously had not bothered to call me to tell me it wasn't there. So, the extra trips and fuel consumption are starting to cut into the value of my $10 gift card. I'm sort of wishing I had just gone to Walgreens, where the original one was filled.

Lastly, I had to have our foster care worker take us off the active list today. She called today with a set of 18-month and 30-month boys who needed a place to stay for the weekend. I'm only supposed to be working 4-hour days, DH is working both days this weekend so I will be home alone, and she said these kids were developmentally delayed and very active. It was so tempting to take them, because we haven't been able to take one placement yet, but at the same time, I know I would be overdoing it and risking the life of my own boys if I said yes. I really, really want to be able to provide foster care. But the timing is just so sucky. So, that was hard, but a decision we (DH and I) felt we had to make at least this time around.

The somewhat-non-productive days of my first week or so on half days have been replaced by the breakneck pace of an encroaching computer upgrade, and perhaps overcommitting myself a tad. The last two days have been super busy, and while I'm grateful for the day to pass quickly and for the feeling of productivity, I could use something more in between. Thankfully, well, make that hopefully, tomorrow will be more reasonable and I can find a happy medium.

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Jill said...

Congrats on 27 weeks! I'm so glad that you're doing well. The little boy gifts from the receptionist were very sweet. :-)