Sunday, January 11, 2009

Playing Hookie (25w 3d)

DH is downstairs shaving, and I am seriously considering skipping church this morning. I need to get up in the next 8 minutes to get ready, if we're going. But its like 2.5 hours out of our already limited time together.

On the other hand, I always feel like my life is more centered when we go, and I will miss that start to my week. If only I could go there in my pajamas with no makeup.
Am I seriously so lazy that I let a little grooming keep me from worship? Actually, I am.


Yesterday, I put the second crib together while DH was at work. Shhhhh. Don't tell Dr. C.

Actually, most of the work was done while sitting. And then I took a nap in the afternoon.
Which made it harder to sleep last night.
I already have enough trouble sleeping at night what with the frequent urination, the leg cramps, and the hip pain that requires switching sides every hour or so. Not that I'm complaining but if a nap interferes with that already delicate balance, then no more naps for me!

We received the invitation for our second shower in the mail yesterday. It's so adorable! And I'm enjoying having something to look forward to!
I had several people offer to throw us showers, but ended up on agreeing to just two - my BFF/S and my boss. They have both invited a few more people, which is kind of awkward because I feel like it looks like I'm 'asking' for gifts, but at the same time, I know that I didn't really invite these extra people, and I do like them all, so I'm just letting it go. But obviously, I still have a bit of a hangup about it, when I think about it.

I must confess - however - that I am now in the habit of checking our registries when I add things to them. For example, yesterday, somebody apparently bought us our pack n play:

which I plan to use as a bassinet in our bedroom for the first few weeks. So, I was excited to see that!

But my point was this - I feel greedy checking the registry and see what has/has not yet been purchased. But at the same time, its exciting, and we have a lot of things we haven't purchased yet, because everyone told me to wait until after the showers, so I guess I am just anxious to get the rest of the necessities. I'd like to blame the fear of pre-term labor, but its probably just my OCD.

There are a few items that are not on the registry that I am planning to pick up before the showers. Little things, really, like a clock/CD player/radio and a lamp. Maybe a small trash can. Some things that won't cost much, but will help me to feel like I'm accomplishing something during this waiting period. Also, the personal things like nipple shields or pads that I have on my list for my hospital bag, but seriously could never ask someone to buy for us. That would be like registering for tampons. Plus, I am legitimately afraid that I'm going to have to go on full bed rest and then I would be forced to finish up these tasks online.

The boys had not been moving enough for my taste yesterday, but my prayers have been answered and they were active last night, and are at this moment kicking me. I think one must have flipped over for at least a little while. Here I thought I was over the constant worry, but now I am constantly aware of their movements or lack thereof and its just given me a more tangible thing to focus on.
Week 2 of half days starts tomorrow, and I think this week is seriously going to drag.....Last week, I was saved by meetings, but this week most of my peers will be at a conference that I cannot attend because of my travel restrictions. Woah is me.....


Just Another Infertile said...

I love the twinsies pack and play! I've never seen one for twins before.

I was guilty of checking my registry before my wedding. I loved registering for that. It was so fun. I did try to not check it too much before my showers though. I wanted to be surprised.

Enjoy working part time.

Seriously? - Erin said...

Hey there! I have to say I had a hard time staying away from my wedding registry to see if things were being purchased. The first time I saw something in the purchased column, it made me feel so guilty.

I am not having a shower so I stalk my registry (put up for my mom mostly) to see what is on sale.

I monitor movements a lot too. When I start to worry and then he kicks hard I feel like I deserve it :)

Here's to keeping busy while home!

Blue said...

Hey there. Sorry for the massive absence and lack of comments lately....I'm really pleased that all seems to be going well with you and the boys. The part time work from home sounds like a great idea and I hope it does the trick and keeps you from the dreaded pre-term labor.

Soralis said...

I would be checking the registry too! I am way to nosy! :)

Good luck with the rest of your PG! You are bringing back some wonderful memories for me!

JamieD said...

There is a very small group of people I would feel comfortable receiving nipple sheilds from as a gift. Like, maybe three.