Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is this Denial?

So, I came home from Walmart (8am on Saturdays is not too busy, make a note) and wanted to inhale a bowl of Lucky Charms while watching some good t.v. I ran across this show called Unconvential Births on the Discovery Channel which is a documentary of 3 women who chose midwives and birthing centers over traditional births.

I really wanted to imbed some footage for you here, but I couldn't find anything online :(

I will first preface the rest of this story with this - I am very traditional when it comes to healthcare. I will be in a hospital. There will be pain management, nurses, doctors, possibly interns, and bright lights, linoleum floors, curtains, sterility, all that.

Without judging their non-traditional approach, I found myself laughing out loud at the huge transformation of these women. My favorite one was having a water birth, with her young daughter and husband in the water with her, screaming to God and at one point even screamed, and I quote, "Get It Out!" which was about 10 seconds before she held her baby and exclaimed, "That was wonderful!"

As I was laughing, I thought to myself, Am I going to be in trouble? Will I really be screaming like that? Or Are these women just crazy? And then Will I even have a labor experience, or will ours be a scheduled cesarean? Now really, Am I just in denial?

So far, I've been very hands off and non-controlling about the whole Birth Plan aspect of this pregnancy. Mostly because, I have this feeling so much of it will be out of my control. I mean, they could come today. Or at 40 weeks. Or anytime in between. I have no control over that. So, do I need a birth plan? I know I don't want a water birth. I know I want an epidural. What else is there for me to decide up front? I guess maybe because everything about this has been so medical, the whole process of IVF is so out of your control. You do this one little part - give yourself shots - and then everything else is handled by medical professionals. I don't know. I guess I maybe just don't want to get my heart set on having things go a certain way and then be upset or stressed out when things go another way.

In other news, the alarm clock that had arrived earlier in the week is now headed back to the retailer. DH and I bought a Baby Einstein CD last night on our now weekly date night trip to Target, and listened to it in the car on the way home (love it!) but when I tried it in the alarm clock realized that part does not work. So, now the search continues for an alarm clock that perhaps all of the functions will work.
I also bought anti-bacterial sanitizer for the changing table, a lamp for the bookcase (still need a lampshade), and a shower curtain liner for our guest bath for all the guests who have threatened to visit once the twins arrive. Baby steps.


She said...

Honestly, as I was reading your post I was saying GOOD FOR YOU over and over again. Not to put down anyone who has a birth plan but, DREAM ON. Once the actual labor starts, all bets are off. Having been through it, you just can't "plan" birth. It happens. When it comes to the pain management, why the hell NOT have an epidural?? Sure, I could probably have done it without the epidural, but I was a hell of a lot more comfortable WITH the epi. Plus, the people who tell you that you won't feel anything after you get the epidural are LYING. They have to let it wear off to some degree for when you push so that you can feel what you're pushing... So yeah. More power to ya, sister.

sushilover said...

Here's my birth plan. C-section and whatever medical needs it takes to do one. I asked my ob if I needed to take birthing classes for any reason...she said I'd be better off not spending the time traveling to these and just staying home relaxing. Sounds good to me!

Blue said...

My birthplan sounds like yours - I want medical people there, I want the option (or should I say likelihood) of drugs and I just want the baby out in the safest way possible, whatever that may be. I have no real hard and fast plans, but I feel like infertility and even my pregnancy so far has taught me a hard lesson in trying to plan for and control the situation!!
Just as an update....I have been on bedrest (now at home, but in hospital for a week) due to a bleeding marginal previa which developed into contractions and a shortened cervix at 24.5 weeks. It was a scary time and I haven't updated my blog in forever, I think I'm in some kind of writing paralysis. Anyway, I'm stable now and taking it a day at a time at home.
Glad that you are doing well and taking it easy too. Long may it continue.

JamieD said...

You and I have the exact same birthplan!

I watched a show like that not too long ago. There was a family who wanted to be 'at one with nature' so she gave birth outside in a kiddie pool in a swarm of mosquitoes. How's that for nature?!?!