Monday, January 19, 2009

Back Pain

So, my back hurt yesterday (not lower back, so not worried about premature labor). So, I took two Tylenol and laid with the heating pad on my back, with my self wedged up against two body pillows up against the wall until I felt better*. And I did feel better after about an hour.

And unfortunately, it hurt again this morning. So, I cut short my precious 4 hours in the office to come home and revisit the heating pad therapy. Tomorrow, I may have to actually take the heating pad with me. Good thing I have an office! My boss did suggest I could wear a Thermacare bandage, so that's an idea for Wednesday and Thursday when I'll be leading training, and would look rather conspicuous with a white cord trailing out of my back, I'm not sure where my extension cord is right now...

Today is Monday. I will be 27 weeks on Thursday. I hope this is not a preview of how I'll spend my 3rd trimester. I hope its a passing thing. The little pollyanna in me remembers having back pain weeks ago, and that it went away after about a week. The cynical little realist slaps pollyanna backhanded and screams Don't you realize that you're almost 7 months pregnant with twins for pete's sake, of course this is a preview!

*One thing I always took for granted when using a heating pad for cramps or other things in the past - the ability to lie on your back! Do you know how hard it is to wedge yourself against something to create enough pressure to keep the heating pad flush against your skin (even when tucked into your shirt) and yet still be comfortable.

BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, truly, I'm not. I still feel like this has been an exceptionally pleasant pregnancy. I'm uncomfortable, but its not intolerable. And I am once again reminded just how darn lucky I am that I have a job where I can work from home.

In emotional news, last night's episode of Deperate Housewives made me cry. Yes, a sad, sappy story of some handyman. I am totally blaming the hormones for that one!
I have my one-hour gestational diabetes test tomorrow at OB's office. I hope I don't puke, pass out, or anything else embarrassing!!


G$ said...

I had some vicious back pain when I was pregnant. I detailed it (afterwards, while cycling again) to my acupuncturist. She suggested that if it happens again next time (oh, lovely next time) to come in and she can do some treatments on it.

That's my long winded way of saying, maybe acupuncture? Mine would be insurance covered under pregnancy related pain relief.

Have fun with the orange goo tomorrow! :)

JamieD said...

Thermacare patches are awesome. I've never actually used them for their intended purpose but Hubby & I wear them to football games in the winter. It is amazing how warm they get and how long they stay warm.

Good luck with your one hour test tomorrow!

Jess to the Lo said...

Let us know how your test goes tomorrow! I've already told you what happened at mine, I think you will handle it better than I! :D

Soralis said...

Hope baby shifts and helps with the back pain!

Good luck with your GD test!

p.s. you are allowed to complain, you have earned it! :)

Seriously? - Erin said...

oh good luck with the one hour. you won't puke at least i don't think so.

i was told i couldn't use those things, they would have come in handy but now my back isn't bothering me.

take it easy.