Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I need some help:

1 - I want to get my husband a gift when the twins arrive. Something significant and meaningful. My first idea was a watch, but he already has a nice one. He doesn't need cufflinks, though it would be totally cute to give him cufflinks with the boys' initials on them. Does anybody have any good ideas? I'm stumped.

2 - Do you think I should get a gift for the hostesses of my baby showers? I must admit that my mother never threw showers for anyone, so I have no experience in the right etiquette for this. I'm *so* appreciative of them doing this for me, and so I want to do something, but I'm not sure what's appropriate. Any experience in this area?

3 - Another question regarding showers - is it tacky to have someone write down the gifts you receive and who gave them to you? I don't want to miss anyone on the thank-you's but I'm afraid this is tacky somehow. What have you seen done?


Kymberli said...

I'm as stumped as you are on a daddy gift.

As for the shower hostess gifts, I think that's a great idea! Perhaps a bath collections from Bath and Bodyworks would be nice. You can put a cute spin on it and tell them its to help them relax now that the rush of planning and organizing a shower is over.

For my showers, there has always been someone volunteer to write down the names of the gifts and who gave them so that I could write thank you cards and not miss anyone. Maybe one of your hostesses or a close friend or relative could do that for you.

I can't believe that you're so close now!

Jess to the Lo said...

Every shower I have been to has always had someone write down who gave what for the Mommy/wife to be.

I think it's appropriate to do something for the hostess, a token of some type, or even a card.

As far as a Daddy are giving him TWO babies! :D I like the idea, but did not do it myself. Does he wear any type of necklace? I know it's somewhat popular for guys to wear a type of necklace now, so maybe get him something small kind of like a charm to put on a chain or something? Does he wear a right hand ring?

I took our daughter in for two month old photos and had a really cute of of me kissing my daughter's cheek that I framed for my Husband's desk. Oh, we also did pregnancy pictures; we have framed a shot of my belly, no bare belly, with both of our hands interlinked under my belly and then in the same frame we have a photo of our daughter from that 2 month old photo shoot.

I hope this helps you out a little.

She said...

You could get a tree for your husband after the boys are born. I've always liked pictures of kids in front of trees so that you can see how the kids and the trees are growing every year. (When the kids go out on their own your husband will be able to see the tree all the time and think of them.)

I agree that it's absolutely appropriate to have someone write down your gifts. I've always seen that done at showers.

I've hosted a baby shower and been given a baby shower, and I haven't gotten a gift or given gifts to the hostesses, but I think it would be very nice if you wanted to do that.

Faithful Infertile said...

#1. I want to do the same thing. Let me know if you come up with anything good!

#2. I hosted a shower last year & the mommy-to-be bought us candles. However that was the first time I've ever gotten anything & I've thrown 5 other showers. So I think whatever you want to do is fine.

#3. YES!!! Have someone write down gifts & who it is from. It is a must! :)

By the way... did your dr. put you on partial bedrest just as a precaution? I'm thinking it is about time I talk to my dr. about it.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

What about a nice silver money clip or key chain with a monogram - each boys first inital on the side and your last name inital in the middle? I also like that idea of the tree.

For my shower hostess gift I gave each girl a small Vera Bradley bag (like make-up bag size). I knew both of the hostesses liked her stuff. I've been given candles, bath stuff, Starbucks gift card. The two girls that did mine had a huge issue with my MIL so I felt they needed something special.

And, designating someone to write stuff down is a must-usualy a hostess will do it.

Soralis said...

Dad gift? A certificate for a weekend off?

I would definitely have everything written down! You will be busy enough to try to remember who gave you what!

Seriously? - Erin said...

Not tacky to have someone write it down. They can be subtle. I had a friend do it at my bridal shower no one noticed. Much easier to write thank yous.

I think a hostess gift would be lovely. You know them well and could think of something nice and small as a token.

Lastly, wow that is a nice idea. I told DH I expect jewelry. I say you gave him children that's his gift.

JamieD said...

When I have hosted showers in the past I have gotten gifts like Mary Kay Pampered Hands set or a Bath & Bodyworks set.

Definitely have someone write as you open gifts - you will never be able to remember afterward!!