Wednesday, April 1, 2009

9 more days...

9 More Days! 9 More Days!
In case you were worried, I did not kill my husband. Nor have I nagged him any more about the stupid water heater or his blowing me off yet again for that ridiculous job. Our friend installed the new one today, so all is well at our home. For now.
We had our weekly biophysical and appointment with Dr C today.
Mysteriously, Baby B has flipped himself over and his head is now in my right hip. How didn't I feel that????? Also, their weights are now both 6lbs, 11oz which would indicate that Baby B did not gain any weight during the past week. However, even-keeled, not-freaking-out me is going to be realistic and believe my doctor when he says not to worry about that, because its probably more a symptom of the way they estimate weights, which I already knew and had told DH would be the only thing Dr C could say about it that could make me feel better. So, I am choosing not to obsess about the health of Baby B. I'm sure he is fine. I thought him gaining 1 pound in the week before was too high, so this is more realistic.
The bad news is that I have to go back again next Wednesday, even though we're scheduled for a c section two days later. What is up with that? But, I want to be compliant, so I didn't complain. But seriously?! I have had enough of that waiting room!
Our sono was at 12, and appointment at 1:30, so DH chose to attend the sono and skip the appointment.
DH's questions today were 1) how long will the surgery take; and 2) how long will I be in recovery. I answered both of these for him while we were at lunch, but promised to ask Dr. C in case I was wrong. Dr. C's first response was And why is he worried about this? to which I replied I think he wants to know how soon we can have visitors. Specifically, his parents.
I had already recommended to DH that anytime after they get off work on Friday will be soon enough. I do not want people traipsing in and out of our room while I'm trying to breastfeed, or having my cooter checked by the nurse. A few hours to rest after major surgery is not too much to ask.
I think he's just anxious to share this joyous event with his family, which I'm sure is his way of feeling involved with everything.
I myself am selfish and want to keep DH and our boys to myself as long as possible.
So, again, anytime after work. That's my recommendation. And I WILL.NOT.HESITATE. to ask people to leave the room if I need to whip out a boob. So, I will ask that he make that a part of his speech.
Dr. C gave me some good ammunition pointing out that in the first few hours we get settled in our room, the nurses will be checking my 'bottom' and 'incision' regularly as well as the babies, and the nurse would be kicking people out to do these tasks anyway.
DH's parents are not fully able, and have difficulty walking anyway, so I think this will definitely help me get the additional recovery time I am seeking.
We shall see how that conversation goes.
Either working all day or having Chinese for lunch or both has caused my feet to swell to just about uncomfortable. I definitely see a foot rub in my future this evening.


Pepper said...

Nine more days?! It's amazing how quickly time moves. I hope you get plenty of rest in the meantime. (And that DH keeps his parents out of the recovery room until you're ready for visitors.)

Seriously? - Erin said...

wow, I can't believe it is almost here! Good job not killing your DH, I have almost killed mine a few times lately.

Keep visitors out as long as possible, trust me time alone with DH and the babies is so precious. I told everyone the same thing, if it is time to feed - bye bye. Luckily our hosp visiting hours start at noon in L&D all morning was free of people.

JamieD said...

It is funny how things change as we get older. When I was younger and fantasizing about having babies myself (like around 18-20 years old) I would think about all of my friends being there and being the center of attention, yadda, yadda, yadda. Now when I think about it, I could care less if anyone visited me in the hospital. I would want that time to get to know my baby and spend time with my new family.

I understand what you mean about your DH wanted to be included but I hope he can see things your way as well.

G$ said...

9 days!

Totally agree with you on keeping people at bay as long as possible. Get settled in and then people can visit. Your husband will thank you later.