Wednesday, April 29, 2009

9 1/2 Weeks or 4 Pounds

9 1/2 Weeks. That's how much more we can expect of sleepless nights, give or take. DH is counting down in pounds. He estimates we've got about 4 more to go before the boys can eat enough to keep themselves satiated through the night. Not that I'm counting, but we're looking at something around July 10. Holy crap, that seems like FOREVER!

When I was mentally preparing for the reality of life with newborn twins, and was trying to think what the greatest challenge would be, I imagined the crying. In my imagination, it wasn't day or night, it was just inconsolable crying. Which hasn't been the case at all. Our boys do cry, of course, but we can usually figure out a way to soothe them. But the nightime feeding schedule is truly kicking my a**. Is it the worst mother in the world who knows it is time to wake up her boys so they can gain weight, but hits the snooze button instead?

DH has been a saint, getting up with me three to four times a night to feed, burp, change, and soothe the boys. I say saint because he has to go to work each morning, and I can at least take naps. If he didn't help like he does, I could not function. It already takes about an hour each time, but if we didn't work together, it would take me two hours of staggered feeding, which would leave 0-60 minutes to wash bottles, go the bathroom, and sleep before starting it all over again. I would be lost without him.

Anyway, as much as I am enjoying their little newborn selves and I want them to remain wee for as long as possible, I am looking forward to that point, in the next few weeks when they can at least sleep for an hour or so more at a time.

My mother left this morning, and so today - with all our visitors gone for the time being - I have instituted Operation Breast Pump. My goal is that every time I put the boys down to sleep (during the day) that I will make pumping my first priority. I'm going to GNC when DH gets home from work tonight to get the supplement recommended by Elana.
I'm simply not giving up on this nursing deal. I promised myself I'd give it a month, and it hasn't even been 3 weeks yet. I am pumping right now (sorry, TMI!) so my record so far is 1 for 1. I'm sure I won't be 100% but I'm going to try to get my supply back up and keep it that way, now that I don't have to go hide myself in another room. Now that our guests are gone, I can pump in my living room without fear of snide comments or showing too much skin. Wish.Me.Luck.
Speaking of feeding, I was calculating last night how much it is going to cost us in formula at the boys' current rate of consumption (meaning - it will only get worse as they eat more). I think a good estimate right now is $40-50/week in formula alone. Which my husband accepted blindly, until I pointed out that our own personal grocery budget before the twins was $50/week, so we have in effect doubled our grocery budget. We could always switch to a generic formula, which I know many of our friends have done, but they are doing so well on the one we have them on (little or no spit ups, tolerable gas, etc.) Anyway, its a lot of money, and that doesn't even include diapers.
Speaking of diapers, I have now tried all the generic and namebrand diapers we had in the house. I have my favorite, and its not generic. But it has caused zero leaks, and zero blow outs, even when DH forgets to point the boys' water hoses in the right direction. So, we could probably spend $75/week on diapers at their current rate. But the avoidance of blow outs and diaper rash is paramount, as well.
I guess there are a billion other things I could cut from our budget before I would compromise in these areas for my boys. It's only +/- 6 months on formula. And they'll go through fewer diapers soon enough. Who needs Starbucks anyway?


Kristin said...

About pumping. My lactation consultant suggested the following things:

1. Drink Mother's Milk tea (I buy mine loose from a local herbal shop, but you can buy tea bags from the organic section in many grocery stores.)

2. Wait 15 to 20 minutes after you feed the baby before you pump. During that time, drink water or another healthy beverage and eat a snack.

3. Try to get naps in during the day. This was hard for me to do, but even putting your feet up helps.

4. Have a picture of the babies or think of them while you pump.

5. Take an old sports bra and cut slits in the cups. Then, tuck the breast pump flanges inside the cups. Instant hands free pumping. This allows you to use the computer, read, knit, etc.

Pumping is not glamorous. In fact, it is mostly boring as hell. However, it is doable.

Good luck.

G$ said...

I guess I can see where they say it's the 4th trimester now. Hang in there, it seems like a long time away, but with the sporatic sleeping it will go by in a flash! (sorry)

Starbucks or no blow outs... hmm. Let me think on that.

You are doing awesome! I hope Operation pump works :) Drink your water!

Seriously? - Erin said...

Gosh, I can only help with some money saving techniques on formula. The cost of it stinks and doubly for you!

I signed up with the formula company I am using (can't use generic or buy at the bulk warehouse because he is on a sensitive formula). I told everyone what formula I am using and accept all coupons they have.

I use a grocery store with a baby club where I get 10 bucks off a shopping trip after spending 100. I found formula is really the same price here at all the stores so it works, I would check your local stores.

I also have saved all of the other formula brand coupons and traded them with others.

Diapers - well I buy them online or only when on sale combined with coupons. I also was honest with people and when they asked what I wanted as baby gifts I said diapers or gift cards to buy them (, target, bru, etc.).

Hope it helps even a little!