Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We were released from the hospital mid-day today. I'll post a pic of the boys in their 'newborn' sleepers which are obviously entirely too large.

I've backed off of any worries I had about bottle feeding them. It is just so much easier than fighting to get them to latch. Correction: easier than encouraging Jack to slow down and attach. He is an aggressive eater! Little Will has a great latch.

But since they had lost more than 10% of their birth weight in the hospital, we were supplementing with formula in a syringe with the nipple or a finger. Which was effective, but took a lot longer than just a bottle. I was even pumping and then sucking that into a syringe for the finger feeds.

Now that we're home, they can eat what I pump out of a bottle. And we're using the formula supplement with a bottle instead of the syringe. If they get nipple confusion, then they can just have my pumped supply from a bottle from now on. Pretty much 99% of the people at the hospital (doctors, nurses, pediatricians, etc.) said they had never heard of one true case of nipple confusion, so to do whatever worked best for us.

I would like to give the boys the best nutrients my body has to offer, and save the cost of formula, so this is working for me now. I do have a fear in the back of my mind about the latching, and about how I should have given it more time. But maybe now that we're at home and can settle into a schedule without the interruptions of hospital life, and now that my milk appears to be coming in, maybe now I can work with Jack to latch.
Sidenote: the formula we are using is what you typically see people come home from the hospital with - premixed formula in tiny little 2 oz bottles. We got about 50 extra of them, because one of our nurses used to volunteer at the church camp where I was the director. She had twin boys who were some of my favorite campers ever. She came in to write her name on my white board yesterday morning, and I asked her if she recognized me. Then, all day long, she was bringing people in to meet me and the boys, and totally loaded us up with the formula, diapers, wipes, and a bunch of other great stuff. It was so nice to connect with her, and to talk about old people and times. The best part was that by the time she was our nurse, the worst of my recovery was over, so I didn't have to ask her to clean my privates, or hold my puke bucket!

I'm so tired, my eyes will barely stay open. And yet, I need to go check in on everyone's blogs. I don't want to get behind!


Pepper said...

OMG - You have two of the cutest Easter bunnies ever! A.dor.able! You must be thrilled.

Congrats and welcome home. You're right to follow your mom instincts on what's best for your little ones. You're the mom and you know best.

Jess to the Lo said...

I had a hard time having to stop breast-feeding my angel; but I was not getting any sleep. My MIL told me that I was being silly and if I could not keep up I could not keep up and it was fine to stop. It was what I needed to hear, that it was ok to stop. Our angel got a full 3 weeks full breast-milk then on to formula.

I am glad that you have found something that is working for you! :D Baby freebies are awesome! :D

beebles said...

how precious are those two babies!!! SO CUTE!

G$ said...

Hello little boys! They are adorable, I just love them.

Do what feels right. Pumping and bottle feeding is fantastic, they are still getting the nutrients they need. Don't let anyone guilt you over your choices. If they do, I will come punch them in the throat for you.

JamieD said...

Your boys are so sweet!

I can't imagine how difficult just feeding two infants must be without all the breast milk/formula/syringe/bottle issues. Do what you feel is right. And I think you're right about being home - hopefully a routine and some privacy will help Jack figure things out.

Kristin said...

My daughter was a couple of weeks early and could not figure out how to latch on. I pumped and bottle fed her for about 8 weeks, constantly trying to get her to attach. She finally figured it out and she now nurses well.

Don't let anyone guilt you over the choices you make to feed your babies. The important thing is to have them grow up big and strong. They are absolutely adorable.

Cassandra said...

Here from LFCA...

Congratulations on the birth and homecoming! And I LOVE the outfits. :)

Sushilover said...

Once again I think we are living mirror image lives! I did the same thing in the hospital (well my husband did) spending all night trying to get as much formula or pumped breast milk into our little ones through that darn syringe and cup. Finally when we were faced with 8% weight loss and jaundice my pediatrician stepped in and said...seriously make it easier on yourself and just grab a few bottles. They've been healthy ever since. My milk supply is low but probably from just not having enough time to pump as much as I'd like. But I still give them what breast milk I have and my son is a perfect latcher although my daughter does not care to breast feed at all. I'm fine with both formula and breast milk however they get it. As my husband says...it's hard enough with one let alone twins. Having them healthy is what is important. I just wish I realized this earlier in the hospital visit without having to go through the syringe torture. But you do what you're told I guess, as a new mom. By the way your boys are completely adorable. Isn't it amazing to look at them and know that they are all yours?! :) I still can't get over mine.