Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Major Accomplishment

Jack latched for the first time today! No nipple shield. No hitting me with flailing arms! Just a good, solid latch. And then nursed for about 15 minutes. I was in shock!

Now, if we could just get him to burp more regularly and hence have less gas. Any suggestions other than the big three - shoulder, lap, and leaning forward????

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Seriously? - Erin said...

Oh congrats! I so wished I could have kept breastfeeding.

Now I will sound like a bad parent, to get Colin to burp when he won't we bounce him up and down (arms out stretched to sky and then back down) a few times and then burp him. Seems to work, I just support his head with my hands after they go under his arms...

I am so happy for you, I tell my friends about your big twins all the time!