Saturday, April 18, 2009

Week 1

Technically, the boys reached the 1 week milestone on Friday, but who has time to post every day?! They celebrated by staying up late, way way late.

We have the boys on the same feeding schedule. As of now, we bottle feed pumped breast milk during the day, bottle feed formula at night, and nurse Will whenever his little heart desires. It's amazing how close I feel to him and how much I enjoy that part of our relationship. I'm hoping the pediatrician will take care of Jack's little 'tongue tie' issue and he can nurse, too.

Thanks to all of you who validated my concerns and new path. I've been wondering if I don't even mind having to pump as I can't imagine finding a way to nurse them both day and night. I picture various scenarios and think I would be uber-exhausted and that this little setback is actually BETTER for us in the long run.

My incision seems to be healing fine, but my body is in such sad shape. Do all mothers get this droopy belly syndrome? Is it the c-section? Is it all the oreos I ate? Seriously, my skin, in this area of which I speak, is like raw chicken skin. Tough. Yellowish pale. Large pores. Did I mention tough? It's so freaking disgusting!

Today is our last day 'alone' without visitors actually staying in our home. My brother and his family arrive tonight. My mother on Tuesday. I'm mourning the loss of alone time already. And instead of pumping and typing this in the living room, I'm going to have to AT LEAST move the pump to the nursery. Wouldn't want to scar my dear brother for life!
DH and I have commented several times how simple it must be to just have one. We are surviving life with twins and without sleep very well, I think. We definitely make a good team. We are very happy with our double blessing, and grateful for every moment.

We have had several more run ins with DH's parents. They are normally very rational, loving people, but seem to have lost their minds this week. I won't bore you with the details, because I'm trying to emotionally move on. But the final straw was when DH's mom stayed home SICK FROM WORK on Friday, but yet thought she was going to come over and visit that night. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?????? Yes, they are 7 days old, please help us celebrate by bringing your germs into our home. SELFISH. SELFISH.SELFISH. Anyway, after the week we've had, I am feeling a lot more free to be honest, direct and vocal about my concerns with them. But with my family coming to visit this week, I'm sure they will back off and I will get some relief from the stress with them. Bring on the stress of fighting with my own mom ;o

At least my mom will actually be helpful. Sure, she will say hurtful things and scold when she should validate (check back regularly for ranting about her!). She will smother me with physical affection that doesn't match her behavior or words, and that I don't feel in return, she will talk incessantly and she will reek of chain-smoking. But she will wash her hands regularly and she will clean and cook and fold laundry, too.

Probably should reward you all with some pics. We haven't been good about taking pictures, but hopefully with my mom here this week, we will. Actually, I haven't found my way into a photo since the delivery, so yes, we definitely need to remedy that this week.

And as soon as those little umbilical nubs fall off, we are SO scheduling the photographer!



Kristan and Stephen said...

Congrats! Your boys are so cute. I had some trouble getting my little girl to latch back on after having to go to a bottle. I used a nipple shield and she latched right on and has nursed great ever since. Good Luck!

G$ said...

They are so beautiful!

Hang in there with family. I read this and thought, oh her Mama Bear claws are just coming through. You will do what's right for your sons, even if people get their panties in a bunch.

Good luck with all the company. You will be in my thoughts :)


Kristin said...

Don't worry about scarring your brother for life if you pump in front of him. I pumped in front of my dad. I decided that I shouldn't be relegated to sit in another room away from everyone (and the big television). If it made Dad uncomfortable, then he could move. Fortunately, Dad just made closer attention to his book.

Sushilover said...

Seriously, I think I've said this before...but I think we have the same mom! Good luck with the visitors. And yes I think you are right to keep all people with colds away...twins is enough...sick twins at this age is just too much! The other day the husband took the boy nugget to the doctor's for an eye infection...I was home alone with girl nugget. We both talked about how amazingly easy it was with just one. Not that we would trade either one in for the world...just puts things in perspective. But then again what you don't know won't bother you...and so we carry on :)