Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Blog?! Dieting Bites

So, I have definitely let myself go. But I'm working to turn that around. The result of which may be that this becomes less of an infertility blog and more of a diet blog. Lifestyle change, not a diet. I know. I know. I know. But it feels like dieting, since I can't really call two days a lifestyle quite yet!

So, I'm tracking my food intake on livestrong.com which used to be just the daily plate but has now somehow been taken over by Lance Armstrong. I was trying to be motivated by the users on sparkpeople.com but mostly just found them unattractive. And I'm more motivated by skinny, attractive people. Shallow, I know.

DH bought me a treadmill last night, which I used tonight before he came home with the boys. Felt good to be doing *something* about this situation. I am more conscious of my eating, if not necessarily eating better. I mean, I haven't had any fast food for two days, but that's not really my normal diet. I'm more of an evening snacker once the boys go to bed. So, my snacking is down some.

Basically, I want to lower my calories and fat intake. And follow this advice my doctor gave me years ago - never let your head hit the pillow without 20 minutes of exercise.

Wish me luck.


Jamie said...

That is good advice about 20 minutes of exercise a day. I usually get up when Skeeter gets up but today I got up an hour earlier, exercised for 30 minutes then showered and made myself breakfast. It felt ~so much better~ than rolling out of bed half asleep, trying to get Skeeter's day going. Now if only I can remember that feeling EVERY morning. That seems to be the problem.

Good luck!!

(I'm motivated by skinny, pretty people, too. You're not the only shallow one out here!)

Lindsay said...

Well Good Luck! I really like livestrong too...now if only I would use it more :)