Friday, January 21, 2011

Letting It All Hang Out

So. I have a confession. Sometimes in the past, I have used laxatives to jumpstart my weight loss. Not as much as others I know, but definitely for a few weeks at a time.

And I'm always tempted to use them again.

And this time, I'm still tempted, but I can't.

Not because it could mess up my gastrointestinal system or it could make me malnourished.

But because I work in a teeny tiny office environment where I could never get away with going #2. I already run the fan I'm in there, just to cover up any gas that might slip out or any other noises. It's been a habit. I just run the fan every time I'm in there. And the next closest bathroom is dangerously far away in another building.

So gross, so true. But laxatives are not going to work in this environment.

Oh, and this morning, I was at 182.6. I have to confess that yesterday was 182.0 but I'm thinking all the food I ate at David Beard's Catfish Village BUFFET (I work with men, and we eat where they want) ruined my loss! I tried to eat well. Only one trip through the line, but I did enjoy a super small bowl of their delicious WARM CHOCOLATE PUDDING.

I'm determined not to let this weekend slow me down. I know I'll be out of my routine and tempted to eat greater quantities. I hope to make up for it with extra exercise. I've been walking 30-40 minutes/night. Maybe I will try to do two sessions a day for the next two days just to keep the momentum going.

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