Friday, October 31, 2008

Radiologist Report

So, I called evil Dr. G's office today to get a copy of the Radiologist's report. Which they faxed to me shortly after lunch. doesn't read as bad as Dr. G made it out to be. I'm glad I called to get a copy because a) now I know everything he does; and b) IT doesn't mention the 'C' word.

In fact, in the secon paragraphs it starts out. "We're still dealing with ..." which leads me to believe that everything in the first paragraph must not have been that bad. And it says the treatment options are 'biopsy, removal, or close monitoring' so the biopsy isn't even required.

Don't get me wrong, I still want the biopsy. I'm still waiting to hear back with my referral to the surgeon, which could be as late as next Wednesday. But anyway, enough about that horrible crappy topic.

My friend S. is bringing her 3-year-old T. over for Trick or Treating here after while. I searched a couple stores for Sponge Bob Spooky Pants but everywhere was out, so he's getting a Corduroy book, and a spooky flashlight.
I noticed today that my belly is sticking out further than my chest. I still have the two rolls, but the belly button is certainly less deep than last week. So, hopefully, the merging of the FUPA and muffin top will be here soon. I'm still Al Bundy with one hand constantly on my lower belly praying to feel one or both of them move. It pretty much consumes my entire evening.


PJ said...

Well that's better! Glad to hear it.

sushilover said...

so glad that you got a hold of those results and hope all will go well. I have the same divided belly. Can't wait til it merges...

Jill said...

Glad to hear that the radiologist report was better than what your doctor had eluded to. Yay!

JamieD said...

I am glad you got a copy of the radiology report. I hope after your meeting with the surgeon, it is all a horrible, crappy non-issue.

Are you kidding? A spooky flashlight is guaranteed hours of entertainment!!